How do promotions work?


This is probably a stupid question, but how are promotions supposed to work?
I created my first promotion last week, tiered discounts for different quantities. Got one multi-sale and was surprised to see the discount had not been automatically applied. Is that normal? Am I supposed to just refund the discount amount every time?
I contacted SS and was told to either ask the buyer to cancel the order, or do a partial refund. I was also told they couldn’t see any promotion on that item and they explained how to create a new promotion. I replied it was for my whole catalogue and sent a screenshot of my promotion page, which shows it as active. I am still waiting for a response.
In the meantime, I got a few more orders for multiple items. Do I just keep refunding all new qualifying orders? Will that affect my metrics?


I set the date to start 8 Jan, end 31 Jan. First multi-sale was 12 Jan.
Exclusively FBM.


Wish I could answer you but I don’t understand the promotion section at all.

I started one this week but it’s dead in the water. Shows active in the account but nothing appears on any listings.

I tried searching for help with promotions but not many tutorials coming up.


Usually you have to set a date for promotions to start. What date did you set?

We gave up on this. Unless you are exclusively FBM or FBA it won’t work. We were finding that a buyer bought 2 items for a 10% discount… But one FBA and the other FBM defeated the whole purpose.

On fleabay we offer a 10% discount on more than one item as we can ship them together and it saves us on postage, so we pass it on.

Amazon is a far more complex beastie.


Having reread the whole promotions thing again, it seems to require a claim code but won’t let me insert one. (I had assumed Amazon automatically applied a code.)

I also noticed this in the T&Cs: “The benefit for this promotion will not be reflected on the final order checkout page. The merchant will apply any benefit after your order has been processed.”
Of course that would make sense for the Free Delivery or Buy One Get One options, but is a very time consuming process for Money Off. Plus I’ve already had a query from a confused customer who was worried that the partial refund meant she wasn’t getting her complete order.

Don’t think I’ll be bothering with Promotions again!


I created a new promotion with no claim code and that seems to be working for now.

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