How Do You Overcome Buyer Mistakes?


My products are customised and sometimes a buyer makes an error supplying the correct information or supplies vague information. I cannot ring them and a lot of the time sending a message doesn’t get a response in time for the despatch deadline.

What’s the best protocol?


Add the customise button to the listing therefore the buyer has to type exactly what info they require on the item
They also can’t actually purchase until they enter the info

As a bonus, customisable listings are exempt from auto returns


I use the customise option but that doesn’t stop them making errors.


How clear is it

ie we do personalised banners. The one in the picture says Happy 12th Birthday George
On the customise button the text requirement section says ‘name and age required on banner’
They then put eg Harriet 14 and we send banner saying Happy 14th Birthday Harriet

We also clearly state on the bullet points that we will put exactly what they put as we copy and paste the details

It should also show the customer a proof of what they put


We just had an A to Z granted (Amazon Funded) as customer claimed name was spelt wrong on a custom product.

Customer had previously messaged us to tell us of the error and was pushing for FOC replacement. When we declined (twice) he went to AtoZ and got claim granted. There was no error, it matched what he entered and he has omitted an S on the end of a surname in the customisation. Messages/order confirm what he ordered.

Today we get a sarcastic email confirming Amazon have granted/funded claim as a ‘one off’’ as it was our fault!

  • “As a one-off gesture of goodwill, we have covered the cost of the refund and the claim will not count against your Order Defect Rate. This is an exception to our normal policies and you may be held responsible for a similar claim in the future. We suggest you follow best practices:

For 2 month we have been working on the artwork for over 2200 of our products that require custom aspects adding, and now we are worried as our custom products are much higher priced and granting such AtoZ’s is ridiculous.