How do you upload a invoice, ive tried and i just carn't do it, i hope someone can help thanks frank


how do you upload a invoice, ive tried and i just carn’t do it, i hope someone can help thanks frank.


There are already several threads with step-by-step instructions, but here goes again !

If you are not VAT registered and not signed up for Amazon’s VCS (VAT Calculation Service) you cannot just do it by ticking the box, you will need to create your own invoice and then upload it to Amazon.
At the moment it is only mandatory if the order is marked as Business Customer(and it should be uploaded within 24hrs of shipping, I think), or the buyer requests one.

There are several free invoice creator sites, but several of us on here are using
You need to change the currency to GBP, fill in the details from the order, download/save it to your computer, then click on the ‘Upload Invoice’ box on your order page, browse and find the invoice and upload - DONE.
If you’re not VAT registered then a note can be added in the box at the bottom - No VAT charged.
Hope that helps.


I’m not sure that’s true for non-VAT sellers unless the buyer actually asks for an invoice.
Is there an official word from Amazon about it?


Sellers not required to apply VAT on their sales still have to provide a receipt for each order from an Amazon Business customer.


Which seems to be a roundabout way of saying they don’t have to provide an invoice.
Here are the links on the UK site (those EU links cause me to log-out out of the UK domain):

  • For orders from business customers, you still need to issue a receipt. Read the Amazon Business invoicing policy to find out more about your invoicing obligations for orders from business customers.
  • For orders from non-business customers, uploading a receipt is not mandatory at this time, but we encourage you to do so because it provides the best customer experience.

It seems, reading further down that page, that this is all being done in an effort to comply with an EU directive.

What are the legal requirements for invoicing?

Taxable persons doing business in the EU are subject to a single set of EU-wide invoicing rules (Articles 217-240 of the VAT Directive). Under these rules every taxable person should issue an invoice (either by themselves or through a third party issuing it on their behalf) in most business-to-business (B2B) supplies and certain business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. In addition, there may also be specific national rules on transactions requiring an invoice. For the exact requirements applicable to you, contact your tax advisor.
(my bold)

As we are officially leaving the EU at the end of this month, it will be interesting to see if the wording on that help page changes.

Non-VAt registered Amazon sellers have not been required to upload invoices for the last 20 years. Why the recent change, I wonder? Has a new law been passed?

The EU directive they reference dates from 2006:

I had a quick search but I can’t find any specific references to non-VAT sellers.
(I doubt anyone could read the entire document without losing the will to live…:sleeping:).


I think they’re using the terms invoice and receipt interchangeably.

It’s a change of Amazon policy. This happens regularly even without regulatory pressure.


I don’t think think they are but I do think the wording is (deliberately?) ambiguous.