How does anyone reconcile accounts with The permanent disbursement reserve


The permanent disbursement reserve is a real pain. What I want to know is how is everyone reconciling their accounts with this ? there is no way of knowing, as far as I can see which orders they have actually paid in the disbursement and which they have not and kept in reserve. Also does Amazon keep the sales monies in the reserve but take the complete fees amount from the payment? How on earth is it possible to keep track of the accounting if you have no idea which sales the monies Amazon actually sent on a disbusement applies to.
Surely it would be much better if they actually had a transaction statement that was only for the monies they were paying so you can match it up with sales invoices and fees invoices. Any accountants out there with an answer to this ? Or am I missing someting in seller central that shows which sales have been paid and which ones are kept in reserve ?
Help !


Amazon will credit you the funds after already deducting any applicable fees.

Visit “Transaction View”, find a specific transfer and here you will see the list of orders which were included in the disbursement:

You can also download a report:


Hi Yes I get that and know where I can view the transactions the statement covers. But you have not answered the question |I was asking. The view- transactions shows ALL the transactions for that payment statement - but Amazon is NOT paying all of the statement it is reserving an amount. So where can I see which payments are ACTUALLY included inthe the actual payment made and which sales are held in reserve to the next payment. And my other question was. In the ACTUAL payment made (not including the reserve amount) did Amazon take out ALL of the total fees for that statement or just the fees for the ACTUAL sales it made the payment for?


This screenshot was taken out of the Transaction View of a transfer which was already completed.

You can pick any past transfer to view the list of orders included.


I actually don’t know how to separate that out. Never had the problem to be honest.
However, why not just allow (for the purpose of your accounts), the total actually paid, instead of individual invoices?


Hi Neil, thanks.
we create a daily invoice for the orders sent out and plus there is also FBA I am trying to work out which invoices to pay off from the actual amount paid but have no idea. Obviously no one else does it this way ? how do you account for your amazon sales in your accounting ?


I literally take the payment made to me and treat it as a single invoice.
I disburse daily.
All done under the accountant, so know what I’m doing is ok… :slight_smile:
Do bear in mind I’m virtually all FBA now and using their invoicing service too.


Hi Neil thanks. I think I am going to have to change the way I do it all and like you create a single invoice for each statement rather than the daily sales.


We have an account for Amazon funds set up with the bank accounts in our accounts system. All sales proceeds are posted to that and charges paid from that, taken from the payment summary or invoice. Disbursements are done as a transfer to the current account. You can then reconcile the Amazon funds “bank account” against each disbursement report.


You may be underpaying VAT doing it that way. The VAT should be on the total paid by the customer.
e.g. customer pays £12. That breaks down as £10 goods, £2 VAT.
Payment from Amazon would be £10.20, assuming 15% commission. If you are using that for an invoice, that works out as £8.50 goods and £1.70 VAT, so you are short paying by 30p.


Hi that sounds like a way to do this - but how difficult do you find reconciling the amazon funds bank account against each disbursement ? I was now considering creating an invoice for all the products sold from each statement (at correct price with correct vat) and posting all the Amazon invoices for charges. Then when I get a payment : pay off the charges on the statement from the invoices (split) and the sales funds paid (less the reserve amount which I was going to pay off later when it arrived). Is that basically what you are doing in your amazon bank account ? It all seems to take up so much time. it would be so much easier if Amazon just produced a statement to exactly match any payments they have actually made.


No I’m not. I allow for that in the calculation.
As stated, this has been organised by my accountant.
It’s not quite as simple as originally stated. But the figures are worked out on the payment received, rather than on individual invoices.

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