How long is amazon taking to collect your FBA products?


I sent some products in last Friday, they were picked up by UPS and tracking says they are ready for collection from amazon on the 27th. It’s now the 1st of December and it’s just sitting in a UPS warehouse somewhere collecting dust.

How long is it taking for your stock to arrive after UPS pick it up?



At this time of year it can be next day or a couple of weeks
It depends on the depot too

Most of mine usually go to bhx4 but my shipment yesterday was split between Cov, Darlington and Bristol


Every shipment of mine is currently delivered next day to BHX4 from pick up


Collected last Friday evening by UPS, and received by Amazon this afternoon, I can’t really complain, stuff is now in FC transit. I have two more boxes ready booked a collection with UPS for today but they haven’t turned up.