How long roughly did it take for you LUCID number verification once submitted into Amazons Germany Seller Central


I’ve read that it takes up to 4 days, I have now been waiting 10 working days and already opened 2 cases without any success, I’m using VAT services on Amazon for germany, so even though I’m going to be charged VAT fees, I can’t even sell due to amazon not approving something that should take seconds to approve so can’t sell anything in germany until it’s approved as all my listings are suspended.


I seem to remember it being pretty quick, less than 24 hours.
But that’s a while ago now and I bet there is a bit of a backlog.

At the end of the day, it takes as long as it does.


Hey @JohnLiquid,

It can take some time, do keep us updated when you get your LUCID approved,


It actually got approved the day after I created this thread.


That is absolutely great to hear!


I am also looking at registering. Aside from the registration do you need to appoint a Representative to submit the returns or can you do it yourself?