How long till listing moves to FBA?


I’m listing an item to FBA for the first time. Two days ago, it eventually moved to ‘available’ in my ‘Manage FBA inventory’ page. How long does it take for the actual product page to show ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ rather than ‘only available from third party sellers’?


I’m presuming that you have active inventory on the listing, that is fulfilled by Amazon.
You haven’t actually made it very clear.
If so, then whether or not you get the buy box, is not just dependant upon if it’s FBA or not.
This depends on price and a few other factors.

Or do you mean something different?


Thanks, Neil. And there was me thinking I’d been clear - sorry. Yes, I have an active listing for this item. The stock is safely with Amazon and so I presumed the product page would now show ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’. Thanks to your email, I have now clicked through to the buy page where it does show FBA. Thanks for the help.