How long to investigate missing inbound inventory?


Anyone have any idea how long it takes Amazon to complete an investigation into missing units from an inbound shipment? It seems to be taking forever with mine. They email twice a day to tell me they are still looking into it but no resolution yet. Thanks!


Hi i work for amazon and in this time it s very busy so for this i think it s taking a lot of time to investigate an think that you are not the only one …there are some crazy times inside were i work


This has now been a week since I reconciled and provided evidence. Can anyone give me an idea of how long these investigations normally take to complete?


Is over a week normal? They have now stopped messaging me about the missing items too. I’m worried that if I chase them to process will go back to the start.


Yeah. Just be patient as it will take some time do dig into. They are fully packed at the moment with Inbound Shipments having major backlogs in most FBA centers. I would suggest not to contact them so often as it will put you back in the queue.


OK good to know. Thank you for the information :slight_smile:


Prepare for a long wait. I’ve been questioning some of mine for over 2 months.


Did you get a resolution after?


I am going to recite you a short story

Shipment sent 12th June.
Sent by UPS and destined for MANCHESTER
Held at Tamworth until 3rd July when shipment changed to closed.
BUT no received inventory
Tracking still showing as in Transit
Today, contacted Amazon Support via chat 3 times. 3 case raised. 3rd time got someone intelligent and willing to help
My reconcile tab would not work
Amazon support promised he would get this sorted for me ASAP
*Literally ten minutes later received an Email stating an amount was authorised to be credited to my account for a lost shipment…I hadn’t even raised a case through reconcile!!!

Good luck, keep on at them is what I say. I must have just been lucky!


No. I’m still waiting for an answer. They last messaged me about 3 days ago saying:

Thank you for your continued patience. We are currently researching your issue in partnership with the responsible team and will provide an update as soon as any additional information becomes available.

Don’t know if I should get on to seller support or just wait a bit longer.


Did you get this resolved.


Hi. I had the same but with Small and Light. They closed the shipment at a 0. I sent invoices and the UPS tracking for the shipment, showing it was still in the depot. Within 1 day it went to out for delivery status and checked in the next day.The case was just closed without any answer but happy ending !