How many days its taking Amazon to book in your UK FBA stock?


Just wondering how many days its taking Amazon to book in palletised deliveries to UK DC’s for FBA stock. We are looking to add stock for Boxing day and trying to time it correctly without incurring to much storage. Would appreciate it is anyone can share what your currently experiencing. I am guessing I can vary from DC to DC so if you can say which DC your delivering into that would be really helpful. Thanks


LTN4 within 20 hrs of delivery,not pallets.


You might be pushing it with pallets. We are still getting full clearance of all our items, regardless of FC, within 48 hours of collection, many are cleared the next day after collection. Pallets require so much more handling than boxed deliveries.


Few days to Milton Keynes - around 4-6 pallets at a time


BHX4 - About 2 hours for the last two deliveries, but takes 2-4 days to get into inventory. Not pallets


CWL1 and BHX4 straight away.

LTN1 a few days so far and counting!!

A box each not pallets.


Virtually all my stuff goes to BHX4 now (boxes, not pallets). It’s always checked in and received within a couple of days, but I don’t think anything actually goes to customers from BHX4, so it all has to be shipped out again to another centre.