How many marketplace sellers in UK?


I was reading something today that suggested there was around 220,000 active sellers in the UK. It said only 1% achieve $1m (£763k) in sales (I am assuming per year).

I find this amazing. Only 2,200 sellers doing over £763k.

Has anyone seen any better data?

The other marketplace used to issue a personalised newsletter that told you your ranking in your main category. I got to 18th in watches once. Being a competitive chap this made me really work hard to sell more/

It is a shame Amazon doesn’t do something like that.


Are you doing over doing over £763k?

With a very quick google you can find your ranking online if it really bothers you that much.


I can find a ranking for the top 500 based on feedback. Is there something else?


Have a poke about on Seller Ratings, you can find yourself on there


Do you have a link? Thanks


Don’t worry. Found it.



To be honest, I don’t find this that surprising.
The vast majority of sellers seem to be quite small in general.
I wouldn’t mind finding out how I compare with others, but the only real one that you can compare with is on sellerratings, which is based on feedback, rather than sales.
It gives an idea, but if your selling lots of small things, your going to get more feedback than selling the larger items, so it’s far from ideal.


Sellerratings is interesting. I wish it gave a combined European sales rating. I was going to email them an suggest they add it as a measure but I can’t find any email address.


I can’t really see them doing that myself.
Each market is effectively separate.

I know that if you pay for the information, you can get this sort of thing from Amazon, but it’s a question of how much do you want to pay to know. :slight_smile:


we’re ranked at 1726 down from 1227


I’m not sure that they question asked, was what was your rank!
If your looking at seller ratings, then it’s based on Feedback only.

As per the OP, are you turning over more than £763k, to be ranked in the top 2200?

The feedback ranking is very skewed. It’s easy to get lots of feedback if you are selling lots of small and cheap items. But not so easy to get the turnover at that level.


we’re at 1726 and turn over approx 320-350k a year on Amazon. I think it’s purely on the actual amount of feedback and reviews.


My point exactly.
I hover around 1600 - 2500 but my sales are close to £900k for the year.