How Many Total FBA UNITS


The “Old” Restock Limits used to tell us how many total units we had in FBA. It was quite handy, despite the restriction periods lol…what is the best way to get this data now that this is gone?


You can see it in Capacity Monitor by clicking on the little information circle


I am not sure how up to date the figure is or if it is just an estimate based on how much cubic feet you are using. Mine does look roughly right but I don’t think it is updated in real time.

You can also use the FBA Inventory Report in FBA fulfilment reports to get totals.


Thank you so much for this!! I thought they got rid of it. I didn’t even notice "Capacity Monitor " at the bottom. You have saved me a lot of effort from having to do this country by country in EU…

Really appreciate it :grinning:

Best wishes