How much longer is anyone going to exist here?


How much longer is anyone going to exist on here?

I have noted for the last few years many familiar and friendly informative names have disappeared from the forums? Often saying I’m off… Many repliers and posters said they wouldn’t go but they have! Some maybe didn’t have the gentlest touch, but given the many of the questionable questions on here, and the lack of ability to follow common sense with the answers, I must give them some leeway with the sometime aggressive replies.

To all of the forum helpers now and now gone I could name the absent ones, but then what’s the point they are now largely gone and for those that have moved on to much greener fields. I really wish you well and thanks for the help.

Sales on Amazon have been way down on last year, yet I seem to runaround faster and get more stressed each year on year.

So I’ve just about survived the best and busiest 2021 Christmas selling experiences ever. It was so nice to be selling face to face, (yes with all the face masks and distances etc . . . in place). The customers were actually happy and able to see the products in the real world (Yep it does exist, it’s all around us - just don’t forget) So nice to meet the customers.

Humanity does really need to feel and touch what we design and make ourselves.

Unfortunately Amazon and all online selling platforms do not feel or touch. I do sometimes wonder who really actually feels all the money that they make???

I Guess it never gets seen apart from the counting bots and numbers on a screen.

This end of year was such a real world wakeup to me and the reality of the selling costs of online selling, and also something of a real puzzle moving on, I think not to just me but for many others on how to move ahead and survive in those hopefully greener fields out there.

As an Offhand Note to The Little Shop and the many others who still help on here, I also have benefited from your helpful and considered posts and I thank you please keep it up for all on here.

Seriously Amazon who is really meant to be helping sellers here? Is it just unpaid and helpful souls on your own site?

Hope all you sellers all had a great Christmas and let’s hope for an amazing new year! wherever we manage to sell.


Some of said they would leave but are still here… One even mentioned getting a job, I guess the interview did not go well!

My sales on Amazon have been down on the last year but my own website sales have been increasing and I run around less.

Nobody does these days, I am guessing even yourself in your “real world” shop get to feel less and less of the money, gone are the days that I used to have a “wad of fivers” in my back pocket.

Online is serious business

Nobody is, here is a fabel from my younger years;

In days of old, the great American Gold Rush, many went up the mountains and made themselves a fortune, many did not. Of those that did, many of them enjoyed the spoils in the town and never got rich. but had a great time… The man in the stores supplying all the equipment you could need made a very good living, he invested wisely and probably owned each and every place you spent your fortune on your return.

It was not his place to advise you on the pitfalls of finding your fortune, nor was it his place to tel you how to spend your fortune once found.

If others do, that is very kind of them…


I had a break from Amzon for 14 months in 2018 following 8 years of battling and stress, came back August 2020 and do not regret doing this as the benefits to my business are huge, and helped us to fund a massive expansion of our business this year. I was surprised how many of the regular forum members were gone, but people do move on, and its not difficult to see why with some of the abuse that gets given out when all they try to do is help, really do not understand why some people bother to ask for help, and then argue with eveything they are told.

The forum is a great little community, long may it remain this way despite the few that do not see it that way.


I don’t sell much on here but love to play with the scammers , never lost so far , I got a new one from Scotland to sort out.

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