How to add Country of Origin to our Handmade listings?


I’ve seen a few different posts on the forum with regards to the issues over adding COO (Country of Origin) to our handmade listings.

As it currently stands there is no data entry field for COO, if we access our handmade listings through our inventory in Seller Central. There is no way of adding this information without downloading an inventory file.

One Seller has been advised by Seller Support to do the following:

I am a handmade seller, there is nowhere for me to add country of origin, when I go in to edit. I triple checked, so did the person on the phone who I was talking to for support.

The call was escalated

apparently I have to download a spreadsheet, add all the mandatory fields, then add the ones I want to change, it’s war and peace -
…heres the instructions that Amazon seller “help” e-mailed me…

Upon checking, I see that you have already tried to update the product information through inventory, but unable to do so.

Kindly, request you to perform full update for the listing to update missing product information.

Please follow below steps to perform full update:

  1. Log into your seller central account.
  2. Hover over the Inventory tab > Add Products Via Upload > Download an Inventory file.
  3. Step 1: Select the types of products you have in your inventory from the Product Classifier. If you have your products listed in multiple categories, please select multiple nodes.

Step 2: Select the type of template - Click on Advanced and generate template.

  • You can update product details, such as size map attribute, in bulk by uploading a Full Update feed.

A Full Update feed is an inventory feed created using the Inventory Feed Template that contains two to three fields of data for the products you want to update. There is no need to enter information in any fields except those you are updating.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  1. The SKU corresponding to each item you are updating.
  2. The fields you intend to modify: Item Price, Quantity, or both.
  3. In Update-delete, enter “Full Update”

If you have additional fields to update, you will need to complete all mandatory fields in the inventory file template before performing the update. Review the Data Definition tab in the inventory file template for a list of mandatory fields.

In the template you can enter the attributes that you would like to update, for instance, size map and upload the file.

While uploading the file kindly make sure that you follow the below mentioned points:

>> Do not make any changes to the template by adding anything to the header rows, deleting rows and so on. As this will cause error in the uploads.

>> Always make sure that you save the file in “Text tab delimited format” before uploading them.

>> If you would like to update only the title or the bullet points or only some of the attributes you can update them in the file and choose the option “Full update” under “Update_Delete” column.

Once the template is ready with the information, please follow the steps below to upload the file:

  1. Log into your seller central account.
  2. Go to Inventory > Add Products Via Upload > Upload Products & Inventory
  3. Step 1: Check the file. This feature will not add products to your catalogue.

Step 2: Upload file.

You may go to ‘Monitor Upload Status’ to monitor the status of your uploaded file.

Once you upload the file kindly wait for 24-48 hours for the changes to update.

I’m not sure all the guidance above from Seller Support is entirely correct or even necessary.

I believe all we need to do is download the relevant handmade inventory file. I’ve just downloaded one to test one of my handmade listings. I selected the appropriate handmade category, in Step 3 of creating the inventory template I selected ‘Custom’ and added just Basic & Compliance.

In the inventory file, I entered the product type in column A and the SKU in column B. In column K for Update Delete, I entered PartialUpdate. Scrolled across to find Country of Origin, in my file it was column AD and entered Great Britain.

I saved the file and then uploaded it, and it came back with a successfully completed upload message. I’ve then re-downloaded the file and the COO entry has been added succesfully.

What would then be reassuring is actually seeing a Country of Origin entry, if we then access the listing through our inventory in Seller Central. Nothing has altered in my listing as of yet, but it was only done in the last 30 minutes or so.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


We should probably wait for official instructions from Amazon. I went in straight away when we got the email from .com, we don’t currently have anything listed there. I noticed that there was no COO box so thought I would just sit it out as we haven’t had the email to our .uk email address where we normally receive the notifications.


The problem is whether we will receive any further official advice from Amazon on this, It wouldn’t surprise me if they have overlooked the inadequacy of the system that the handmade listings do not have this particular feature in managing our inventory, therefore keeping handmade sellers in the dark somewhat.

However, upon downloading the inventory file for a couple of handmade categories I sell in, the column is there in the file. So it could be a situation of where we upload the COO, but we don’t actually physically see it in our inventory, like you do with barcoded main listings. I also have these to compare against.


Handmade Support is pretty on the ball, unlike SS, so they have probably got it in hand somewhere now that they have been made aware of it.


My keyring product listings have the COO available under “More Details”. However, none of my jewellery product listings has the COO. I’ve opened up a case regarding it.


Let us know what response you get back, please?

I’ve got an inventory file ready to upload for my remaining handmade listings. Whether this was quicker and more efficient than manually going in and adding the COO (if shown available), I’m not too sure.

It was a lot of copying and pasting the indivdual SKU’s in, but then the columns for product type and COO can just be selected and dragged down to populate.


The initial response back was them parroting back the information Amazon had already put out about COO. I reopened the case and they stated they’ve passed the information to the appropriate team to hopefully add on COO somewhere to handmade jewellery product listings.


Hopefully, they’ll recognise that this needs doing with all handmade categories before the 22nd of August.

Seems to me this has been another oversight with bringing in a new policy and neglecting the fact that most handmade categories don’t even have this option.

I’m also very dubious that uploading an inventory file for handmade listings in categories where there is no COO, will actually do anything at all.


We jump through hoops to prove that we make them ourselves so it is logical that every single item is made in the same country. We should have an ‘ALL’ selection instead of having to faff around entering the ASINS.


Hello Makers,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! This is now being reviewed internally by the Business Team; however, we do know that some categories already display this new attribute in the ‘More Details’ tab labelled as ‘Country/Region Of Origin’.

We will keep you posted!

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,


@Hazel_Amazon Thank you for that.

Could you please post back as soon as the option becomes available in all categories, so that we can update all our listings?



10 days have passed since your post and the deadline is fast approaching, and we still do not have a Country of Origin field available for handmade in ‘Handmade Wall Stickers’.

Given that the deadline is August 22nd, I do hope that our handmade listings will not be penalised by being made ‘un-editable’ if Amazon does not make this field available to us before the deadline is reached? I’m sure you can also appreciate, we do need time to implement this update to our listings.


Hello Makers,

The latest information we have is that by August 11, 2021, COO would be available as an optional attribute for all Handmade categories under the More Details tab. After August 22, 2021, once the attribute is made required, it will appear in the Offer tab for all Handmade categories.

Once the attribute is made required, you will have the following impact on your listings:

  1. New listings: You will be unable to create new listings without selecting your products COO information from the drop-down menu.
  2. Existing listings: You will be unable to edit existing listings until you have provided COO information.

Therefore, if you are not complying by August 22, 2021, listings will not be suppressed, but you will be either unable to edit existing listings until COO is entered or create new listings without selecting your products COO.

If you cannot see the COO field, please try delete cache and cookies from the settings of your browser and then attempt to sign in again.

Feel free to reach out again if you have any other concerns.

Best regards,


Just to add - we sent a more recent communication in our Newsletter:

Mandatory field: Country of Origin
Country of Origin (COO) for your products will be mandatory after August 22, 2021. After this date, you will be unable to create new listings without selecting your product’s COO information from the drop-down menu or to edit existing listings until COO information has been provided. If one or more of your items are made in multiple different countries, the COO is the country or territory where they were last substantially worked or processed.

This change is meant to improve the quality and consistency of Amazon listings and to ensure that FBA Export orders continue to be sent across the border smoothly.


Doesn’t handmade actually have the country, and a small map next to our listings anyway. Right next to our logo there is a map of UK and UK in large print next to it.

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