How to add shipping?


I am an individual seller an finding it difficult to sell on Amazon. How can I add shipping cost to my items? It is appearing as free shipping as a default and I am not able to change or edit it?


If you’re on a professional seller plan: Seller Central > Setting (top right corner of screen) > Shipping Settings > Shipping Templates.

You first create the template then assign them to your inventory. You can have multiple shipping templates.

If you don’t have a professional seller plan then Amazon usually add around £2.80 as a shipping amount for most items - not usually free!


If you are an individual seller, ie. do not pay the monthly £30 pro fee then I am surprised that you say it is free shipping as default. Amazon have their set shipping charges dependent on category.
As Barry says if you are a Pro seller then you can set your own shipping cost. If not, then you need to adjust the price of your item to take into account the actual cost to send.


It sounds like you are a Professional Seller if you are seeing “Free Shipping” on your listings.

Here you can check your Selling Plan: