How to create a report to track profits



I agre with everything you say. It would just be nice if a simple report existed so I can download it just like on ebay. I am surprised it doesn’t exist on AMZ as there are a lot more fees.

Don’t worry about me working out my selling costs and profits, I do all that initially before I buy the product using the AMZ app. I would just like an automated version of the actual products sold so I don’t have to create another spreadsheet.

I guess using the app would be the best way to get the actual figures, and could create a spreadsheet from that. Shame it isn’t available so easily like on Ebay.



Which report are you using on ebay ?


That’s possibly why. You do get a breakdown of actual fees for each individual sale, as Amazon would be required to give you that information, but they probably expect you to manage your own accounts - profit and loss etc: it’s not their business to run your business accounts


It’s the Ebay Financial Statement they email each month if you have a business account. They do a summary and a full version. I just wish AMZ was the same, no excuse why imho.


Reports - payments - date range report - leave it as transaction instead of summary


Do you not use Ebay as well?

There’s no information AMZ couldn’t provide automatically. Shame as I was hoping it would.




Thought that was the Amazon bit.