How to enable Netherlands in PanEU


I am registered with the PanEU and we currently sell to UK, FR, IT, ES, DE for all of our FBA goods.

How do I enroll my goods to be stored at the Netherlands fulfillment center as well?

I have a friend who was able to do it, and he said it just showed up on his SC homepage and all he had to do was map his inventory over to the NL market as well (and do the translations). I don’t see that option anywhere in my SC homepage.


They’re slowly rolling the NL option out and haven’t made it available to all sellers at the same time. You should get an email or some other notification when it’s available.

From the email with subject “Amazon is expanding its selection on (Netherlands) later this year”:

We are rolling out the new “selling on” feature to all Sellers across the EU. Shortly, you will see added as a 6th country option to your EU seller account. (You will see it in the country dropdown in your Seller Central account.) We will inform you once has been added to your EU seller account.


You don’t. As far as I know there are no (announced) plans to open fulfilment centres in NL. All NL orders are being fulfilled from Germany.

Amazon.NL is a language/localisation site at present, not a new warehouse nexus.


Which is a relief. An NL warehouse would require another VAT registration.


Anyone had NL appear on their drop down yet? I see they have updated the news articles with some info.


Nothing here yet…


Still the same old 5 showing for me too…


Yes it appeared on my account it was very simple to move on from when it appeared. its now showing in my dropdown countries but not on my business app, maybe someone can help me?


Interesting. When I look at they only sell books at the moment. I wondered if the first people would be booksellers but I am assuming you sell footwear.


Yes we sell footwear, when i look at my inventory its all uploaded but when i go into as a customer its all books!


I imagine they will roll out the setup and then go big bang to buyers.

If they trickled the inventory onto the site they would be open to accusations of favouritism. The first seller to go live on the site would have a fantastic time for a while.

When you click on edit a Sku and page down to the bottom has NL appeared as another country in the manage other offers in other marketplaces section?


Anyone got anything listed yet?


There is news indicting that the existing fulfilment centre in the Hague will be used. Are we sure this is a long way off and only German centres will be used for now? I’m based in the Netherlands and don’t want to have to acquire a German Tax Certificate if I can fulfil in the Netherlands.


That’s certainly what the article said.


Amazon did a webinar last week about doing FBA in the Netherlands, and they specified that they would not be using FCs in the Netherlands - home marketplace FCs will be used. This was in relation to Pan EU specifically and the representative said there would be no need to register for VAT in the Netherlands as no FCs would be used there. Because Amazon normally refrain from giving VAT advice, I would think that using Dutch FCs is a long way off.


Did they give any indication on timings?



No, they actually said there were no FCs in the Netherlands so no VAT registration would be needed until the seller reaches the distance selling threshold. You can ask them directly using this email address:

And here’s the FAQ page, which has some stuff about FCs and VAT for .nl:



Sorry I was not very clear. I meant any timings on when they would launch.

Good news about the FCs though!


Hi we have .nl in the drop down but can’t see how to add the listings under PAN EU - can anybody help please?


The easiest way is to use the Build International Listings Tool and make a connection to .nl
from your source Marketplace, then all your offers from the source marketplace will automatically be created on target marketplaces as the BIL tool synchronises listings and will automatically transfer them across but only if that ASIN already exists on the target marketplace (NL) in this case.
If not, you will have to create a new product detail page (in dutch) yourself