How to get approval to sell Thermometer?


How to get approved for the Thermometer ?
We could sell this Thermometer before.
But we could we sell it before.It was stopped a monthe a ago.


Try to list it.
If it gives the option to apply for approval, you just follow the process outlined.
If not, then you simply won’t be able to.


There may be the catch at the end of the approval process though.
“This product requires approval, which you just got, except that we are currently not accepting new applications…”
They do that sometimes, annoyingly.


If they are not accepting applications, then you simply can’t get approved for it.


Not that simply, stupidly.
They let you go through the approval process before saying that “Congratulations, you passed the approval process, but oh, by the way, we aren’t accepting new sellers at this time”


Yes,his is precisely the case told me to irritability,