How to get more ‘bang’ from an exact match keyword, without simply increasing the bid?


Hi all.

First post here, but have always appreciated the info! I’ll jump straight in, I’m trying to get more ‘bang’ out of an exact match keyword, and thought that this is the best place to ask these questions.

If you have a product campaign targeting an exact match keyword only, how can you increase the number of impressions, or the ‘effectiveness’ of the keyword, without increasing the bid or further optimising the listing?

For example,

a)If I increase the number of like-products advertised in that campaign, will there be more impressions or is there no link?

b)If I made 5 copy campaigns, would they synergise for more impressions or compete and have a net negative effect? What about 500 copy campaigns?

c)If I ‘negative exact-matched’ the keyword from all other campaigns– Does this help or hinder the overall performance or impressions of that exact keyword? (i.s. all ‘keyword X’ will flow through 1 exact campaign vs multiple campaigns gaining impressions)

d)Up and down bids vs down only bids? – What are peoples thoughts, general ideas or experiences with these? I use ‘down only’ for manual targeted campaigns, and up and down for lower-spending auto campaigns.

I know it depends on so many variables, but I’d love to hear from peoples experiences, and perhaps collectively we can come to an understanding of how to optimise an exact match keyword’s performance.


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