How to I enable EFN?


I’ve been looking to explore options to sell goods in Europe recently, but do not want to go down the Pan Euro route due to the VAT requirements. I’d like to test sales using EFN, where stock is held in the UK and sent where required, but I cannot find a way to ‘enable’ this.

When I go to ‘Sell globally’ everything that would allow be to pick another EU country isn’t there or is greyed out. Is there a certain eligibility I need to go through first, or settings I need to change?

I have checked ‘FBA Export’ in the meantime though, this looks like another programme where I don’t need to register for VAT and goods are sent to other countries, BUT listings aren’t automatically made available on the corresponding websites to which the goods are sent.

Would appreciate a bit more guidance on the above - read lots of Amazon help articles, but they aren’t very pragmatic all the time.


Hi - any takers on this one? No one seems to know the answer. I have been over to ‘Selling Globally’ and I cannot see the other EU countries listed where I can enroll.

Seller support are asking me to create another email address for each of the EU countries in which I register a new account, but this seems like it might get me into a lot of trouble, potentially even suspend my account if they find multiple email address linking to the same location/account.