How to list two or more products with same UPC?


I have two toy figures, but the manufacturer has used the same UPC on them. One is currently listed on Amazon, but unable to add the other, due to the shared UPC. UPC 0778988130018

Any help and advise please.


If the manufacturer is selling different variations of a product with the same UPC code, the only option is to purchase some barcodes online.


You can look up the product and determine if the correct UPC has been used , the manufacturer will not use the same UPC/EAN for differing products which would indicate a potential issue with authenticity, a list of spin master toys is available below, which specific product

0778988130018 is specific to the Spin Master Toys ChickRun Ginger Squishers Toy.


They are the same product, but different characters. There is four in total, but each annoyingly shares the same UPC code. There is no variation on the packaging other than the name at the front of the box.

Spin Master Toys ChickRun Ginger Squishers Toy
Spin Master Toys ChickRun Rocky Squishers Toy
Spin Master Toys ChickRun Babs Squishers Toy
Spin Master Toys ChickRun Bunty Squishers Toy


It looks like it should be setup with one UPC and subsequent variations on Amazon;

UPC 778988130018 has following Product Name Variations:

Old Stock Chicken Run Rooster Figure Squishers Rocky 1 Of 4
Vintage Aardman Chicken Run Squishers Ginger Rooster Figure Unused Or Opened
Marshmallow Furniture Comfy Character Chair Assortment


I looked into to this, as never have done this before. But when I go to edit the item and click on the “Variations” link/tab the following message is displayed “Variations are not available for this category”. So now at a dead end how to add more under the same UPC.

Any advise appreciate how to proceed.


If you create a variation, using the 1 barcode as the parent, you will still need to enter a UPC/EAN/GTIN/ASIN for each child. OP doesn’t have this.
Officially, the only way to fix this is to get individual barcodes.


We have had a few suppliers over the years do this.

One way round it is to get your own barcodes and allocate 1 to each product.

The other is to search for the actual item as a customer would as another seller may have already created the ASIN using their own bought barcode and then add to that.

We have took a stand this year and told our suppliers that we will no longer purchase items that are sold by them as sets but would be expected to be sold individually to the end customer unless they all each have their own barcode.

Bring on the revolution!!!