How to obtain account balance



How do I find the account balance on Amazon reports?
The statement view allows me to see for pre-defined statement date ranges, however I would like to check the account balance at each month end so I can reconcile with my balance in the books.



To be honest, I don’t think you can.
All you will be able to get is the statements.
The only suggestion I can come up with, is to ensure that the statement for the end of the month is completed on the end of the month going forward.


Hi Neil,

As Neil said there’s no easy way to do it unless export all the transactions and manually do it yourself - which is what I do!


Hi Barry,

When you download the transactions for the month, are there any adjustments you do to get to the month end Amazon balance?



You just have to allocate all the transactions to the appropriate groups. As you’ve probably realised the order date doesn’t equal the transaction date, because the transaction date is when the order is dispatched.

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