How to obtain UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN code


I am trying to add q new product, but don’t know any of the codes which are required UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN code . How can I obtain on these codes?


The EAN is the numbers under the barcode on the item. Or can be obtained from manufacturer/supplier of the product.
Failing that you can buy EANs on the internet.
ISBN is for books I think. ASIN is assigned by amazon, its the page reference for the product page - you don’t get involved with that, you use it when you contact amazon about a problem with item page.


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I just want to add some more details to the helpful information that you have already received from Martin.

You can find more details about product identifiers (EAN, UPC, ISBN, and ASIN) on the following help page
[Locating Product Identifiers|]

If your products do not have identifiers then you will need to obtain them. Our first suggestion is that you contact the manufacturer of the items to ask if they have identifiers for the items you wish to sell.
If the manufacturer is unable to provide you with product identifiers there are two options Amazon can provide if you qualify for them.
The first is Amazon Brand Registry if you are the brand owner. You can find more information about this programme on this help page: [Amazon Brand Registry|]
If you are not the brand owner you may qualify for the second option which is an EAN/UPC Exemption. You can find out more information on this help page: [UPC/EAN Exemption Process|]
I would advise that you check the category requirements for exemptions also: [Category Requirements and UPC/EAN Exemptions|]

However, if you cannot obtain identifiers from the manufacturer and if you do not qualify for either options Amazon provide it will be necessary for you to contact a third party to purchase identifiers.

I hope this information is of help but please let me know if you have further questions.



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