How to prepare new inventory for FBA


Hello, I am wondering how to prepare a chocolate bar for an inbound shipment. Can I apply the label directly to the chocolate bar? What would be considered e commerce ready? Does that mean it needs to be in a package ready for sale?


I don’t know specifically for grocery type products, but the general rule of thumb, is to have the product packaged sufficiently to be sent as is. All amazon will do, is to stick it in a box, or a plastic bag type thing. So you need to allow for that.

Common sense generally is your best guide.

Do allow for the fact that they won’t rotate your stock either.


Your chocolate bar will need to be packaged securely enough to survive a drop from a metre(?) high on any side (as well as going through the post if they choose to package it in a flimsy plastic bag. I would think you will need a custom-sized cardboard outer.


Would you want to buy a chocolate bar that had a label stuck on the wrapper?
It would look very unprofessional to me.