How to separate sales for Multiple Countries VAT returns?


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I am UK and Germany VAT registered. I have a question regarding to the VAT return.

How do you decide which sale should go to UK and Germany VAT return? what is the rule for this?

Dose it depends on ‘Place of supply’ or ‘Place of buyer’? Particularly, I am confused if I sell an item to a German customer and supply goods from the UK, should I file VAT return the UK or Germany tax authorities?

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no… the marketplace that it was sold on. pilot table on market place and it will show you the figures.

  • Place of buyer for every country where you are registered.
  • Place of supply for every country where you are NOT registered (threshold rule)
    • Place of supply is the Amazon warehouse (!!), not the marketplace
  • The buyer’s marketplace is irrelevant

UK Vat for

  • UK -> UK
  • UK -> IE
  • UK -> FR
  • DE -> UK !!

DE Vat for

  • DE -> DE
  • DE -> IE
  • DE -> FR
  • UK -> DE !!

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