How to solve multipack issue with Amazon MCF


I’m looking to move our Shopify to Amazon MCF. We only sell 2 packs on Amazon FBA currently but sell singles on our website.

Is there a way I can send (single units) to Amazon MCF and have this outcome:

  1. Amazon MCF packs single orders for our Shopify
  2. When our 2 packs sells on Amazon, they pack and fulfil 2 pack (from same inventory)
  3. Our item is glass. Will Amazon consider bubble wrapping order for us?


Amazon won’t put “kits” together for you.

If you want to sell items singly and in packs of two, then you need to send them in stock packed singly, and in packs of two, they are essentially different products.

An alternative would maybe be to sell them singly on Amazon, but force a purchase of 2 - of course you would be liable for 2 fulfilment fees

  1. You can if you send a single unit into FBA, otherwise they’ll send a double pack. they will do none of the labour to split a pack. it MUST be ready to go straight from pick up.
    3.Hahah not unless you’ve told them to & pay them to. You’re better bubble wrapping it yourself and ensuring it can survive.