How to stop all non UK orders?



This is my first time using FBA and am based in UK.

I am receiving orders from Europe, how do I stop this so only UK orders can be made?

I’ve disabled all FBA export settings but am still receiving orders from other european countries

Am I missing something here?


Go to settings>account info and then on the left you should see “listing status”. It may be you have listed on other marketplaces. From there you can put all but UK on holiday mode.


Thank you for the suggestion,

I have had my settings like this prior to me making my FBA shipment, is that correct?

Still receiving orders from Germany, had 2 in the last hour :weary:


Change your view to the DE,FR,IT,ES,NL sites, then look at the listings.
I would bet, that at some point you have activated international listings.


Are they buying on or


We have this same problem. I didn’t think there was a way to stop it as they go to and order from there rather then the German version.


Exclude products or countries from the EU Shipping and Export programme

You may exclude all of your products from being exportable to any country from the Countries/regions excluded from FBA Export page.

You may exclude specific ASINs from the FBA Export programme from the FBA Export: Exclude countries/regions per product page.


:raised_hands: that’s the issue.

Thank you!

Still a little confused though, the listings were active on each site, but I have put all them accounts on holiday mode so surely they should have never gone active?

Sorry another question, I have now closed the listings on all european sites except UK, I have a few pending FBA orders for the closed listings, I’m assuming these will still be fulfilled?

Thank you for your help again


I am assuming it was on the .de site as on my dashboard if I change to .de it shows a few orders, am I right in saying if it was on .uk they would only show on UK dashboard regardless of buyers address?


Holiday mode does not work for FBA listings.
You need to stop the link between the sites, to stop selling their AND close the listings.
It’s in the build international listings tool.

And no, you would still have orders showing whichever site you are on. You can actually split these down when looking at them, to individual sites.


Check out the page Anglozone posted, might help you out with people ordering from to other European countries


Thanks for your help really appreciated!

This is the exact reason I only listed one product through FBA to start with, no matter how much I read up i always come across little issues when doing something for the first time.

Thanks again


you may have the same problem as me where people sign into the UK site from abroad and make an order to be sent overseas, absolute nuisance and according to seller support nothing can be done.


There is plenty you can do about that.
I never get any sales from the UK, to foreign countries.
You just need to change a shipping template, that’s all.


That’s only for FBM orders. It won’t work for FBA


Anglozone link above seems like it can help out with stopping FBA orders being exported any countries. Have not had a chance to have a good look through yet, but may be worth a look


Of course. Why would you want to stop FBA orders?
If they go astray etc, it’s Amazon’s issue and not yours.

However, you can stop the majority in any case, using the setting given above.


For me personally, I’m new to Amazon, and am still finding my feet with the platform.

I sold years ago on Ebay which was simple but Amazon is a different ball game, also the tax implications with selling within the EU is something I dont fully understand yet so until I do, I dont want to sell outside the UK.

Although the amount of sales recieved in a small amount of time from outside the UK it might be something I look at sooner rather than later


The thresholds for sales outside the UK are fairly generous.
As long as your not storing stock outside the UK, unless your selling a considerable sum, there is nothing to worry about.


That’s correct! A 100000 EUR for Germany before you need a local VAT and 35000 EUR for France, not sure what’s Italy, Spain and Netherlands are like…