How to stop selling in EU


How do I correctly stop selling in France, Spain and Italy? I have asked Amazon before and I ended up being charged loads. I only want to sell in the UK


How are you selling? FBA, seller fulfilled?
In any case, you need to go to each site (Dropdown at the top of seller central).
Then either, put on holiday settings permanently, or delete the listings on each site.
If you have used the build international listings tool, then you need to disable the connection as well.



Yes I’m FBA. Fed up of EU saying they never received or address incorrect. Also things being returned with no packaging, bits missing…


Thanks Neil,
Just a quick one, how do I delete my listings in EU? Sorry new to this. What happens with any stock stored in EU


Just go to the site (Drop down at the top of seller central), inventory, then delete the listings.
Alternatively, you put it on holiday mode. (In the settings).
If you do remove the listings, make sure that you break any active link, from the build international listings tool. Otherwise they will just appear again.

As to removing stock, then it’s exactly the same as in the UK.
Just create a removal order.
But unless you have set it to store stock in any other country, there shouldn’t be any stock there.

There is report for this, but can’t remember which one of the top of my head.


Thankyou so much for your help.