How to stop selling to Sweden


Just noticed that we had a order from Sweden but we do not sell on that site. Just looked and we have all our items on there so how do we stop it . we have never sold in any other country so don’t know what’s going on. Can any one help Thanks


This what happened to me with Australia. What you can do just simply dispatched the order and deactivate your listings.


how do you deactivate all of them and still sell on Amazon UK


Are you sure that this was not just an order placed on Amazon UK from a Swedish buyer? In settings, click on Account Info, then on the left hand side is a widget which says Lising status. There is a blue link in that box which says Holiday Settings. If you click on that, you can see all of the marketplaces you are currently showing as selling to. You can simply deactivate any or all them by clicking on the radio buttons.

If you can’t fulfil an order to a specific country then you cancel the order and choose it as undeliverable shipping address. However, be aware that a buyer can still leave feedback if you do this. You can manage your shipping requirements in shipping settings but as far as I am aware, you cannot specifically remove just a single country from your delivery destinations as they are shown in blocks.

I may be wrong on this none so I’m pretty sure another seller will advise if this is the case.


Amazon se is the swedish market place


Cheers Mark, I wasn’t sure. It’s certainly not in my list of marketplaces that I sell on. I’ve got Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands and of course UK. That’s my list but all of them have been deactivated since the first lockdown so any international sales come through Amazon UK. Germany and France of course, have their own particular requirements regarding VAT. I have edited my response above lol :smile:


this just happened to me. The order has come through from the Swedish site. I have no idea where it has picked up the postage charge from but now I have done the conversion it seems to have given the buyer free postage to Sweden. I notice the countries are showing active in my settings and I am not sure they were before. I don’t know how to control the postage or what listings are showing, so I am going to have to turn them all off.