How to use Small & Light in UK + EFN in other EU countries


Hi, I have 3 SKUs that qualify for S&L. All of them are available in UK, DE, FR, IT and ES, however 2/3 of the sales come from the UK. Also, I have been using EFN shipping from the UK until now.

I am looking for information on how to use S&L in the UK while keep selling the same item with EFN in the rest of the EU. I found out that I cannot use S&L inventory across marketplaces and I am not planning to use Pan-EU right now. So can I ask you if the following step by step process is correct/allowed and if you have any recommendation on how to do this properly?

  1. make sure it is S&L eligible
  2. creating a new FBM offer for the actual same listing
  3. turn it into S&L
  4. send inventory to S&L
  5. increase old EFN offer price only in UK so customers there buy S&L while customers in EU keep buying EFN ones.

I appreciate your time, thanks a lot!



To use S&L and FBA, it’s just a matter of a different SKU.
So you have two listings, one FBA and one S&L.
That’s it, nothing complicated.

So yes, what your doing is correct.
Though if you don’t want your FBA offer to sell on the UK, you can just close the listing.
Though it seems a bit daft doing that.
I would expect that using S&L the price would reduce anyway, as it considerably cheaper.
So people have the option of a lower price/longer delivery or higher price/quicker delivery.