How to Withdraw Amazon Germany France Spain funds



I have recently listed few items for sale on amazon UK as well as Germany, France and Spain. So my sales profits from UK account are automatically transferred to my UK business account but i have funds separately pending in Amazon Germany France and Spain.

If i am trying to Add my UK Business account, it is not letting me do that. Whats the solution for this?



Hi go into settings and bank info then check you have a payment method set against each account, for EU I use transferwise much cheaper rates.


Thanks a lot for your kind response Peter, I have Revolut UK Business account, Can i add that as well or i must need to make an account on transferwise? thanks again for your time


The moment i try to add a bank account, On the screen where i need to enter the bank account details, the country drop down do not have “United Kingdom”. Seems like i am missing something?


I dont know about that particular account to be honest I used to always use Barclays and it was fine now I only use Barclays for UK and TY for EU
the bank info needs to be added against each country such as DE etc


Thanks. Which country do you choose from the drop down when adding bank account for Amazon Germany, Amazon France?




Just found out the solution, sorry i was adding it the wrong way. Peter, Thank you so much for your time mate. Much appreciated. Stay safe mate. thanks


Hi Guys,
Am new here, sold my first FBA mainly in Germany and Italy, I was wondering how i can get the money in my bank account in the UK. My question is , Do i have to make a request or will the money be automatically sent to my account.
In addition, i only have my bank details set up in in the UK for now, do i have to set up for each country or just in the UK one. AM SO confused with the whole account selling etc.


Hey there,

It’s usually best to start a new topic if you have a question, but no worries. You need to set up your bank details on your seller account, it won’t be done automatically. Settings > Account info > Bank account information. You need to set an account for each country and it may require verification. For Europe I use a Transferwise account which is free and super easy to set up. So I have one UK account and just one Euro account (transferwise) for all the other countries. Hope that helps.


Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. But i do not have an account with transferwise. Do i have to open an account with them?
Also, can i request money from sales or they make a decision as to when to release the money to my account?
Many thanks


Transferwise is a bank just like any other bank so yeah you would need to open an account. They’re not affiliated with Amazon or anything. The reason I, and many others, use Transferwise for EUR payments is because they offer very cheap rates for transferring money between accounts/currencies. You could also check out Revolut, Monzo, Starling etc who offer similar types of accounts.

By default Amazon pays into your chosen account every 2 weeks. Note that it takes a few days for the funds to clear into your account, longer if you choose to send funds to a GBP account. However you can request the funds whenever you want and Amazon will pay out whatever is in the account (minus any funds held in the reserve account to cover returns).