Howdo I switch from Pan eu to EFN?


Hi everyone, I am wondering about switching from Pan-eu to EFN. Can anyone advise how to do this? Is there a check box somewhere to select which programme you are in? Thanks.


You can switch it off. However, you must have already registered for VAT in the 7 EU countries to use Pan EU. So you need to deregister them as well. For some of those countries, you have to be registered for at least a year, before you can deregister.
You will also need to remove stock from the other countries before you can stop it.


I wonder at this point is it worth switching to EFN if you’re already doing Pan EU? Given the changing regulations at the end of this year where Amazon will basically stop EFN from the UK due to Brexit…

I was going to go for EFN but now I’m wondering if it’s even worth it for five months of trade?


Thanks Neil,
We started the registration process for Pan EU including starting the applications for VAT but the further we get into the process the more I realise it is probably a mistake. The margins we work on and the relatively small volumes we sell (next to nothing in several of the seven countries) it is probably going to cost us more in VAT and VAT processing than it would cost to use the EFN and pay the cross-border fees.
Particularly in the light of the new info last night about pan-eu not shipping from the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit I feel we would be better sticking with an FR fulfillment centre and running EFN from there.
Apreciate your thoughts!



It’s exactly that that has stopped me from going down that route.
I looked at it about 12 months ago, but could see the writing on the wall, with Brexit.
So until it’s all settled, it’s just not worth the hassle I don’t think.
I’ve even stopped all sales outside the UK now as well. Not that I got much from them anyway. :slight_smile:

But if your only part way through the process, you shouldn’t actually have it switched on in the first place. You can’t, until the registrations are all in place.


You know, I hadn’t thought about running EFN from inside the EU!


More by accident than design we ended up in Pan-Eu before we started the vat applications. As a result our Germany account/listings have been de-activated until the German VAT Registration comes through. We currently have aplications being processed for VAT in France, Germany and Italy but havent yet submitted papers for the other countries.
Given that France, Germany and Netherlands are where our sales are I am thinking to keep the French application in, withdraw the German and Italian ones (if possible) and continue to sell across Europe by just sending inventory to UK and France


Pips_Chocolate It’s something that was suggested as a possible work-around last night following the Amazon information on future european trading.


Ok, if you have actually had stock stored in any other countries, you will need to complete the registration anyway. If you don’t, your liable to get the account suspended anyway.
So you might as well continue, definitely for Germany and France as they have become very strict about them fairly recently.
If you haven’t had stock there, then it shouldn’t be an issue, but you do need to double and triple check it first or you will find yourself back at square one and haven’t to start the registrations again.
It doesn’t matter how many units where there, even one can kick it off.


Thans Neil, I checked this morning and some stock has ended up in Poland. I was hoping if I removed it we might avoid having to go down that route.


HI Folks, We have traded using Pan EU for quite a while. With this service ending in January we are planning ahead and I take on board the prior posts. Presuming we switch to EFN from Pan EU - How do I do this? - being the initial question, are we able then to ship to a single selected country? If so the Netherlands would be the FC to select distance wise.


Hi Joanna,
As I understand it, if you are already fully operating on Pan EU you can continue to do that but you will have to supply one UK fullfillment centre and one EU fulfillment centre as Amazon will not move stuff from the UK to EU or vice versa.
My origional question arose from having not yet registered for VAT everywhere and re-considering whether I want to do so to complete mt Pan eu sign up or whether there is a better option for my particular products.



From what I understood from the announcement the UK will be completely excluded from pan-EU and EFN, meaning you wouldn’t need to ship to a UK centre to take part in pan-EU.


Hi Clearanceshed,
You would need to supply a UK fulfillment centre if you want to sell in the UK as PAN EU wont shp from the EU back into the UK.


I was told by my Amazon PAN European account manager that this isn’t necessarily the case. I have applied for German, French, Italian, Polish and Czech VAT numbers, excluding Spain.

He said that, in fact the VAT numbers were only required for Germany and France to start off with, and the VAT numbers are not required for the other countries until one hits the threshold. Apparently I can start selling via PAN European despite me not having the Spanish VAT number (I’ve not even applied yet)

Not too sure about this because the guidance on Amazon’s VAT requirement for PAN European states otherwise.


Frankly, whoever that account manager is hasn’t got a clue!
Think salesperson anyway, they aren’t really managers.

The rules are the same for all of the relevant countries in that regard.
Once you have stored stored in them, you must register.
The thresholds only apply when sending stock into another country, not storing it there.


Yes, but for the actual PAN-EU eligibility the UK wouldn’t be essential, so you only need to ship there if you want to sell in the UK specifically, this is the same as selling using FBA in America, Canada, Australia, etc.


SpiceInvader, Thats exactly what I was told as well. As a result we went down the Pan-eu route and Amazon shipped some of our products around the network before the VAT registrations have been approved. As a result our German account has already been de-activated.
It’s put me off the whole idea and now I’m keen to get out of it!


I’m glad I didn’t take his advice!


Sorry to hear that !

But wouldn’t make sense for you to distribute your goods to each of the EU warehouses individually, rather using the EFN route? This way, it’s a little bit more hassle, but you still save on the cross border charges?