Howdo I switch from Pan eu to EFN?


My concern with going Pan-Eu, and the same issue arrises putting stock into each country ourselves, is that the costs incurred using the Amazon VAT services (or anybody else to manage our VAT registrations in each country) will outweight the savings made on cross-border fees. Im thinking if we only VAT register in one country (France for instance) and run EFN deliveries from there it will work out cheaper and more profitable.

I would apreciate comments from anyone who has been through this and can advise how it works out. I just think the costs on signing up to Amazon Vat services seem quite high.


Hi guys, I am sorry to embark on your conversation like this, but I would really appreciate if you could give me a quick guidance as you seems to be on ball with Pan EU and EFN.
First of all, I am a novice and I have registered with the Professional Sellers Account. I have signed for Italian, German, France and Spanish Marketplaces. Do I need to be VAT registered just in the UK or do I need to register in the EU as well? For now I would like to use only EFN, but how do I do that? Do I need to register? I can not see how and where to register?
I am confused and I do not want to make mistakes. Can someone advise me, please?
Thank you


Hi Lydia, I’m no expert but I’m learning fast from my mistakes! You need to be VAT registered in any country where your stock is stored so if you go for Pan-Eu you need to be VAT registered in all seven countries where Amazon have fulfillment centres. The issue there is it is costly to use Amazon VAT services in several countries where you may not sell much. As a result I have gone down the alternative route of registering in just FR, DE & IT with the intention of sending stock directly to those three countries where I sell most and the other markets can be supplied from those centres using EFN. (So for sales in FR,DE & IT I only pay domestic fullfillment charges, if they send an order from FR to ES for me I pay a cross-border fee as well).
Make sure you are VAT registered before you try and send any stock to other coutries, particularly Germany, otherwise your account in those countries will be suspended. I made that mistake and have been locked out of Germany for six weeks so far still waiting for my VAT certificate to be granted.

Look closely at the Fullfillment By Amazon setting page found from the settings droplist on the top right of your seller central home page and make sure PAN-EU is not enabled and that the other settings (like Allow Inventory to be Stored in Other Countries) are apropriate for how you want to operate.
Good luck!


Lydia, Sorry just re-read your question and realised I might have missed saying the obvious!
Nothing stopping you storing your product in the UK and advertising on all EU marketplaces posting the orders out yourself (MFN) (don’t forget to charge the customers enough airmail postage) or using FBA (but you’ll be charged a cross border EFN fee so factor that into your pricing)



Hi everyone!

We have been using PAN EU for a few years. Due to personal and business reasons we are exploring options of disabling PAN EU.

Is my understanding of this policy correct?

If I disable PAN EU will the units of stock in multi country fulfilment centres stay at the fulfilment centre they are located i.e. no more cross border movement?

Example: if I have 10 units in a .DE fulfilment centre then those 10 units will stay at the .DE fulfilment centre until they are either sold or removal order?

(If sold we will be charged the EFN FBA fee, not the PAN EU/local FBA FEE?

Thank you in advance for your reply.




Hi, would this work:

  1. disable PAN EU and also multi country storage under Seller Central FBA settings
  2. wait a couple of days for everything to update and then create removal orders per country (or try and sell knowing the new NON-PAN EU FBA fee)
  3. ensure Build International Listing tool is not auto populating new listings in new marketplaces (perhaps even turn on holiday settings for those marketplaces)
  4. use FBA location report to keep an eye on country stock levels to ensure they are depleting
  5. once no stock in other countries then contact tax agent to de-register

I am trying to work out a step by step plan!



It looks like it would.
I’d be switching off and then just selling on each country separately. Removal fees will be exorbitant from other countries.
I would imagine, that it would take a little time for stocks to update properly with their correct locations, but once your at that stage, sell everything off and go from there.
The obvious one to watch for, is any returns etc as if they were sold PanEU, they will be returned back to the country of sale, regardless of your storage settings etc.
This is probably the single biggest issue as you could get something returned months or even years after the fact!


Thanks, interesting re: returns, even with the option :“Allow inventory to be stored in other countries:” turned off - units might still be stored…

From a business POV I can see them not wanting to incur costs for transport however if the seller does not want their units stored there then surely the FC would have to respect this choice, otherwise why give the seller the option.


I’m in the same position as Rik, trying to shut down Pan-EU FBA where I still have units there (but keep UK, our home marketplace). I wonder if his plan worked? Any comments welcomed.