Huge decrease in sales since Wenesday


Since Wednesday we have had huge decrease in revenue usually selling around 150 units per day to 5/6 units per day.
Our prices haven’t changed and our impressions are still good.
I cannot work out why? Any help would be appreciated.


Without sounding too unkind, I am not sure how you think anyone can help, or know why your sales are down.
None of us know why either, but although I am a bookseller and only small scale compared to your daily sales, I have had no sales at all for 4 days now, yet for the past few months of lockdown have been averaging a minimum of 4 a day, so feels like something has happened.
Maybe easing of lockdown restrictions, maybe people realising they don’t have as much money etc.etc.
There has also been a LOT of tinkering in the background by Amazon, so we don’t know if visibility of items is affected.


Our sales in the last week are down about 25% it seems. From 60-70 orders a day (on all platforms) to 40-45 since the easing of lockdown last week. I think more people just want to have fun and save their money to eat out and have a drink. I am sure it will get back to normal soon!


I just seeing if anyone else’s sales have dropped this week and hoping I haven’t missed anything.


My sales are at about 50% of what they were two weeks ago. Really dived since Tuesday, though.


mine are less but ive been expecting it, its still higher than before we went into lockdown but less than it was a month ago.

Its been fluctuating since the beginning of the month.


or other things to spend their money on now that other retail premises are re-opening


Ive found the exact same thing here. Not a clue why.


Posts like this are common, you need to think of what product you sell price competition online and on the high Street and time of year.

Or self fulfilment orders are a little down but our FBA well up we used to only do about 1500 a month via FBA but its been a lot busier already this month we have shifted just shy of 800 units via FBA but we sell a decent amount of items so cover most seasonal seasons


Same here. Since the non essential shops opened again sales are slowly dropping but are still way more than pre lockdown.

Lockdown, for me, has been great for business. What is normally a part time wage has turned into a full time wage and allowed me to take unpaid leave from the part time job that normally supplements my income from here.

I’m hoping that sales will eventually settle a little higher than before and have spent the latter part of the lockdown trying to increase my FBA stock levels (which I had got a bit tardy about before) and the extra cash on building up more stock here ready to send in.


My take is that is happening due to multiple “upgrades” they made recently, including the sales dashboard. Our sales are down as well, suddenly like being cut down.


Same story here. I also wonder if its to do with the tinkering as Im busy everywhere else. Literally was Wednesday./


These threads come up so often it’s almost unbelievable.
There are constant changes in the market. Those most effected are usually those only selling a small number of items.
So the way to avoid this kind of thing, is to steer clear of seasonable goods (or be very careful with) and expand your range. That way, you avoid the big swings in your turnover.

For me, I am literally 3 times up on last year currently and really can’t see it dropping, even with lockdown easing. There has been no real noticeable drop, other than the first day or two.


I notice you always contribute to these threads and confirm that your sales are bullet proof. Why do you bother?

Why not just let the people who seek some reassurance that they are not alone communicate with each other.


Because this is not about reassurance, this is about making a profit!
Are you saying that reassurance is better than advice? It’s more like commiserating.
I’m trying to help, to point people in the right direction.

You don’t have to listen to the advice given, but you don’t have to kick if you don’t like it.
I’m far from bullet proof. But I am successful. There is a big difference.
I have made most of the mistakes I see on this board at some time or other, but I have the practical experience to guide those who are relatively new, to help avoid those mistakes.


I consider myself to be successful (maybe on a diffrent scale) I have been on Amazon for many years and its given me and my staff good wages. I sell the right products for the right time of year.

However I have notice a marked change in my sales on Wednesday. So to those others who are experiencing the same you are NOT ALONE.


Our sales have now picked up again after a 3 day blip. Very Strange!

Thanks for your responses.


Ive noticed the same in the last week or so. Not seasonal products.
My Royal Mail collection guy said yesterday that the parcel volumes they’ve had to deal with dropped significantly in the last week and half.


yep, same here. Probably Neil’s are now down then…


Hi we are massively affected since Tuesday. We usually have 60/80 a day but now it’s on about 10/15. Something must have happened