I am actually speechless


Hi all,

Need a bit of advice as to what our options are regarding our current issue.

We recently sent a mixed FBA load to EUKA, there were 3 boxes. One of these was very small - approx. 30x25x20 - and it contained 540 of one of our small and light lines, appropriately labelled as per the SnL guidelines.

This was eventually delivered on Thursday and checked in on Saturday, with the box in question being checked in first.

Today, all 540 of those items had been moved to defective along with the other 109 that we already had in stock.

I questioned this with CS, as it is one of our top 5 selling items.

We received the following response:

We contacted our FC to find out the reason of defective marked units and received an update as mentioned below,

“All the units received were with damaged packaging”

Also, I have attached the images provided by our FC at the end of this email.

The images were quite interesting:

Apparently, this is how we ship our items to their FC…

To my eyes, it seems from the image that they started to label the items up - evidenced by the half empty sticker sheets - and then got bored so decided to open a load of them and claim that they were damaged.

The simple fact of the matter is that when I packed them, there was a space of about an inch at the top of the box. It is a mathematical and physical impossibility for them to have had a chance of fitting in that size box, if they had been sent the way that the images indicate.

Why would they have labelled so many of them before deciding that they were faulty.

It actually seems that they might have exploded as they moved them near to the 109 that were already in stock and were being fulfilled without any issues for months.

It seems to me that the Christmas Moron Recruitment Drive must be in full swing at EUKA.

I’m so annoyed, it’s going to cost us the same price as the stock to get it all removed back to us.

Can anyone advise as to where we can go from here?




The question you will have to ask

Is it worth your time & money?


Ok… Imagine that I have infinite amounts of both… :wink:


Me personally would just send new ones as even if I had infinite amounts there would be more money to be made by moving on.

Just my opinion


Thanks for that.

The main issue that I have with doing that (apart from the removal costs and new stock costs) is that this affected existing stock that had nothing to do with the incoming shipment.

This sort of means that there is a high risk that any more that I send in are just going to go down the same route.



I gather by what you wrote that you are having Amazon label them for you…this is based on you saying that they must have become bored labeling them…

My experience with FBA prep is not good. I tried it twice and both times they messed up the shipment. I know it would take extra time but it would be cheaper and better for you to just label them yourself.


I agree with what Frank says. From my experience selling via FBA its best to trust Amazon with as little as possible. Their whole stance is to take no responsibility for anything, so where is the incentive for them to get it right. They will invariably mess it up as they have with your shipment, then either lie and blame you or stonewall you. Disgraceful behaviour.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for the response. This is all on the Small and Light service, so we are supposed to pack all of the items for a single ASIN into a bag/box and label it with an FNSKU and quantity. We’ve sent many thousands of small items this way and have not had a problem.

It’s never been really clear to us (from the documentation) whether they actually get labelled or whether they go straight into a seller specific item bin. Just looks from the images as though that’s what they do.

EUKA, as far as I know, only deal with Small and Light, so this is pretty much ‘what they exist for’.

I’ve definitely read enough here to never knowingly get them to label any of my other items.