I am being charged £30 for no reason?


I have created an amazon seller account for the sake of having one but I have recently notice I was being charged £30 a month for 5 months when I signed up for a free seller account. How can I get help fixing this as I don’t want to unnecessary get charged this amount every month.


1st step, go to seller central/settings/account info
scroll down the left to “Your Services/Manage” and downgrade from Pro to individual.
Then, assuming that you have had NO sales whatsoever you can open a case, explain your error in opening a pro account instead of the Individual one [a lot of people make this mistake as the Individual option is tucked away at the bottom of the sign up page] and then request a refund.
As long as you have a verified card on file then Amazon will normally refund you the fees.
Obviously without card details they are not able to do so.


Select Your acount/other issues and type your message in the box

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