I am facing Critical Issue regarding my inventory


Its the ugliest experience to lose your investments at the start of Amazon FBA.
My inventory stuck with Amazon and we receive the following message.

Kindly help me out…


So what’s the issue. Just provide the documentation that they have requested…


As per your previous thread you’ve listed against the wrong listing for your mug. You should’ve used the EAN on the mug which would have brought you to the correct one branded by something different hence why your invoices will never match


I imagine you would get the same responses as your previous thread on the same matter.

Whatever you have supplied though, amazon cannot verify the supplier and the invoices do not contain the mugs. I imagine, because the mugs are not actually branded RAJX


We have send the documents i.e Valid Invoice but again recived the same reply
Then We contact the Wholeseller but they said We have provided you with the invoice.

What precisely We need to ask from Wholeseller?


@Winston_Amazon Duplicate thread.


Got it.
Now precisely tell me, what should I do?
I am in contact with the wholesaler customer care representative now


Solution please :frowning:


The invoice is fine they are a recognised supplier but the invoice won’t match your listing hence why its rejected. The correct listing is asin B08NFC4XBM which matches the EAN of the product

I don’t actually know if you can do anything to resolve it though


Neil, its a new thread as my Invoice is not getting accepted.
Want to know the solution


The above is your answer and I can see from the other threads, that your simply not listening!


So, I just see my investment getting drowned? :worried:


I got it Neil.
Just simply tell, what should I do further?


How much did the stock cost you ? Purchase price not what you could’ve sold them for


Accept that your not going to get your 90 odd mugs back.
Which I really can’t imagine cost you an awful lot of money.

You may manage to get your account back, if you actually acknowledge what you have done and appeal it.


400 pounds


We I got my account back, thankfully but 400 pounds are at stake :frowning:


Where are you trying to return your stock to ?
On the other thread you said you were in uk but CH says you are in PK ?!


£4.06 each+vat hence why they’re being sold on the £11.99 listing not the correct £6.99 listing I’d imagine


Which you can buy on Alibaba at $1.46 plus shipping…