I am Not using pan eu but still me products show on all markets


Hi i am new to FBA and just recently sent goods to the fulfillment center
I am not using the PAN EU service and still my products are showing on all EU marketplaces
how does it possible and what about the taxes? i am not VAT registered on all those market places so how does amazon handle the VAT?


To verify where your FBA inventory is stored, go into:

Reports - Fulfillment by Amazon - Inventory - Daily Inventory History

Or visit this link:



Thanks Kika
I see it is being disbursed throughout Germany (i sent it to Dortmund)
but what i dont understand is how it is being fulfilled in other EU marketplaces?


Amazon will simply fulfill the orders out of your stock stored in different country’s warehouses.


thanks again kika
i still dont get it i dont have a stock in other countries nor am i registered for taxes there so how can it be?
should i remove those listings from other marketplaces? is this a default option?


You only need to register for the VAT in countries where you store FBA inventory or exceed the annual threshold.


Kika first of all i want to say you are a gem
really you give up so much time and effort to help us and i want you to know it is much appreciated

back to the issue
so all those sales go under local VAT (DE) or 0% VAT?


I think that it depends on the buyer’s country where the goods are shipped/ sold.


You sent stock to Germany without being VAT registered there?

As Kiki said, you cannot send or store stock in any country without being VAT registered there :scream:


NO…we are VAT registered in Germany of course other wise we could not send goods there
but we are not registered in Italy yet amazon fulfills it to Italy
but as kika explained we are well below the threshold in itlay so i guess we dont need to be VAT registered there yet