I can't reach my usa sellercentral HELP pls!


I can’t access my USA sellecentral account , bcz , a person who worked with us , he set up his number as a otp

even when I cancel the otp and changing the password

they are sending a link to his number

which say on my screen

to continue , approve the notification sent to


Then you need to contact that person who has their number on your account and change it ASAP


that’s the issue I can’ reach to him , any alternative ?


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Anyone know how on amazon you can change the phone number for otp without having access to the original number?


The only way I can think of (possibly) is via the Authenticator App. Don’t know if it will work but that is my only suggestion :thinking:

How do I verify or update my phone number?

During two-step verification, we’ll show the last 3 digits of your phone number. To see the full phone number or change it:

  1. Go to your Amazon customer account on Amazon.com
  2. Under Account & Lists , click Your Account
  3. Choose Login & Security
  4. Click Edit next to Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings
  5. In the Enrolled 2SV Authenticators section , you can:
  • Check which phone number or numbers are used for two-step verification
  • Update a phone number by clicking Change
  • Remove a phone number by clicking Remove
  • Add a phone number by clicking Add new phone or Authenticator App . You can add up to 2 phone numbers. Learn how to add an authenticator app.

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