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I have listed a product and paid over £200 during a month and I have no sales at all. If it goes like this I will eventually get broke. can someone help me to understand how to advertise correctly and how to sell faster. In addition, I am using the FBA! Thanks you all.


£200? For what?




Have you just signed up to Amazon?
Is everything fully verified and operational?
Are your products visible to search?
Can you provide an ASIN here so that it can be searched?


How much research did you do on your products before you sent them in to FBA, have you researched your competition to check that your selling price is competitive ? Amazon is a very powerful platform, but is also very price-driven and advertising will only work if all your other eggs are in the basket so to speak.

As @Retro_Emporium asks, if you can provide an ASIN then Forum Members can research this a little for you to try and see if there is an issue.


Presumably if op has paid for ads, they are delivering so BB, verification etc is not an issue atm

Most likely the product, listing or keywords …


I can see the product from your link but when I do a standard search as a buyer, nothing at all appears. There are 6000 others but even narrowing it down to Prime and with exact words from the link doesn’t reveal the product.


Yes thats my product and I have stopped the ad spending because I thought maybe it doesn’t work. Can you suggest a better key please?


This is the listing


If I search for Water Resistant Dog Raincoat your listing is on the first page so it is certainly searchable and visible

Price is competitive so that looks okay.

It does have a sales rank of 188 in Dog Raincoats so you must have sold at least 1 to get a sales ranking? Is it just the last month you haven’t sold any?

Is that on advertising. Well I would say if it is not working then don’t pay for advertising. There is no point in spending money if you are getting nothing back.


From a bit of research, dont think this is a particullarly hot product, lots of identical items out there, all with a very low level of reviews, so suggests it does not sell in big volumes, same item is on eBay, Etsy, On the High Street etc. and each one has a handful of reviews at best, whereas if you look at dog coats rather than raincoats, these have a high level of reviews suggesting a much higher level of sales can be achieved.

Must admit I have never seen a dog in a raincoat - normal coat yes, but never a raincoat that I can recall - and we spend a lot of time hiking so do come accross a lot of dogs.


It sounds like I have chosen a bad product and I agree the key word sear isn’t good as well. What do you suggest in order to sell it? or should I send it all back to my supplier?


It is something you may need to consider, sometimes better to take the hit, and recoup what you can and invest in something that you can sell better, you would need to check with the supplier if they will take back, and any fees that would be associated with that - it may be cheaper to try reducing the cost to see if that works.


My dog has this exact coat hahaha but I’ve never seen anyone else with one. She gets lots of compliments but it is very impractical. I bought it from Aliexpress though.

OP- Although it is a flooded market from when I looked around, your listing title isn’t the best from my perspective.


It doesn’t appear on Google Shopping that means the title is not optimised for SEO. At first glance I would improve the title, think of the keywords people might use to search for it on Amazon and beyond. I have done a quick keyword research and the most searched ones seem to be: small dog raincoat, sausage dog raincoat, dog raincoat with hood, yellow dog raincoat, full body dog raincoat, dog raincoat pink, dog raincoat uk, hooded dog raincoat. Use some of them in the title and repeat some of them in the description (just once each at most, do not do keyword stuffing). I would start the title with a good keyword. Water resistant dog raincoat has only 40 searches a month while Dog Raincoat UK has 3200, Dog Raincoat Yellow has 880 and Yellow Dog Raincoat nearly a 1000 a month. Hooded Dog Raincoat has 1000. Just saying. OK the figures are from Google but you will find that they will be similar on Amazon. Also if people search on Google and your listings appear, they might click on them.


I only use advertising for products that are not particularly “cute.” For cute products, I find that social media works just as well, with the occasional boost. If you have a niche, you should have an Instagram account. And dogs are always popular :smile: I have been so busy with Amazon that I have neglected my social media

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