I feel a bit ripped off


The saga of the 20x20x20 product that is actually 10x6x2.4 continues, the estimated fees were [£1.97 Includes £1.69 FBA Fee ] which I could live with, it was only 50 p profit but it’s a fast selling product. In reality they are charging me £2.71 for all fees which means I am actually losing money every time I sell one. I mean, FBM I sell it for £2.99 as it fits in a LL, it was going to be a bit more expensive with Prime but it was an extra that some people might be willing to pay to have it sooner avoiding RM. Yes, I can increase the price a bit more but I feel it would be unfair to customers. How can I challenge this? Which bot should I talk to? Why is there such a discrepancy between the estimated and the actual? We are talking of a product sold for a few quid, 74p is a huge difference.


Not sure if I’m having deja vu here with you but £2.71 is not a small and light fee

If I recall the previous thread, it was advised to send it in, get it remeasured and then enrol it in s&l as that size won’t be eligible for s&l until its remeasured

Ah no, not quite deja vu - it did actually happen lol


I have and they gave me that estimated fee of £1.97 all together but now that I have started to sell them the actual is £2.71


£1.97 isn’t a s&l fee either

Are they the referral fees and fba fees together ?

Can you provide a screenshot of one of the sales transactions


Request a Cubi scan, its a bit frustrating but be persistent and eventually they will remeasure your product.
But first make sure your measurements are correct, plastic bags arn’t necessarily going to lay flat when scanned. So what you think is 4cm wide may scan different i don’t know how its done but probably just thrown on a conveyer belt to scan.
But if you are correct they will refund you the difference on the items you have sold so far.


Have you actually requested the product to be remeasured? If so have you checked the measurements when they remeasured it to make sure they are correct? Did you then enroll the item into Small and Light?

These type of measurement issues happen all the time. I have a growing inventory and there are often new products when you buy them that the wrong measurements on Amazon. Mostly this is sorted out when the product is received into Amazon and you request a remeasurement.


Apparently it has been reclassified as hazmat and for that reason cannot be a small and light. You need two guys in hazmat suits to carry it. Incense is hazmat apparently, well I suppose if you set hundreds of sticks on fire in a closed room and you breathe the fumes…or you eat it… the outcome might be unpleasant but we could say the same about most products. But then even if incense is hazmat, I would like to know why patchouli and frangipani are and sandalwood isn’t. Even one of my hot water bottle is hazmat apparently…that dangerous looking cockapoo hot water bottle cannot be send to FBA as it’s toxic.


The estimated fee is exactly that - estimated. Usually without the tax / VAT added.

I use a browser extention that goes via the old Amazon fee checker and it’s always out based on the various lines VAT not being in the calculation.


Never trust the estimated fees. Amazon aren’t the business of being honest with us.

They want to push us all into FBA because it’s more money for them. If they can lull someone into thinkinitg it’s profitable when it isn’t. then they will.


I realise that, for some types of products I sell, probably FBA is not good. T. Some items are better on FBA but some are not, and I have so many issues with hazmat, one item is FBA 86p ok the other one which is exactly the same (it has another cartoon character on the cover but everything else is exactly the same) is £2.43 because hazmat. I am ok with having stuff on FBA now with RM strikes, I will review things in the future.


I gave up trying to work out how Amazon arrives at some of their measurements. I sold the same product in 3 colour variations, but Amazon charged more for two of the colours than they did for the other one.

The product is a textile item and is squashable so presumably on the day when they were measured, some took up more space than others. The crazy thing is that Amazon measures them and charges as if they were sold objects that always take up the same volume.

When I send them in I can fit 64 in a box but Amazon will charge them as though they are taking up 3 or 4 times that volume in their warehouse. No wonder they want everyone to go FBA when on some products they can charge several times more than necessary for empty space.


One item we sell is exactly the same…it is rectangle so always the same size. 2 are cheaper FBA, one is slightly more.


I have the same issue one product is cheaper on FBA than the other two, they are solid objects in a small box they don’t change size. They are identical.