I have just had the funniest return request ever the item is wet ... IT'S RAINING


I sold an item to a customer . The customer contacted me to say it had arrived wet . I apologized on behalf of the Royal Mail for the wet delivery , The customer wants to return the item as it’s wet , however stating no damage to envelope etc … I thought here we go another scammer . I excepted all their demands . The next thing Amazon ban me from selling the CD title as , oh the comedy moment " We removed some of your listings because of customer complaints about items listed at the end of this email. Customers may be complaining because the items they received did not accurately match the condition or description of the product mentioned in the product detail page of your listings. " It was delivered in a bloody storm it got wet , what planet are Amazon on ! I can’t be held responsible for the weather !


Mars - where it does not rain.


You will need to write a POA explaining the root cause of the problem and the procedures you are going to put into place to ensure that it never rains again when an item is being delivered.


Unfortunately, you are responsible. It is your responsibility to get the item to the customer in the condition it was stated as being offered for sale. Yes, it was delivered in a storm and it got wet and you are not responsible for the weather. However, had it been in a plastic mailer for example, it wouldn’t have got wet so Amazon take the view that if you’d packed it differently, the outcome would have been different. Much as I understand and sympathise, I am just stating the obvious.


Like reaching an agreement with Thor that requires Him stopping to beat His hammers during deliveries? :grinning::grin::joy::rofl:


Some bubble wrap, plastic mailers, sorted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the answer but that’s not quiet my point . I’d have happily sent the customer a replacement , for the damaged item . Or refunded them . The customer stated the item had arrived wet ."

Amazon for some reason have stopped my listing of that particular title due to as they put it … " We removed some of your listings because of customer complaints about items listed at the end of this email. Customers may be complaining because the items they received did not accurately match the condition or description of the product mentioned in the product detail page of your listings. " "Why did I receive this message?
Amazon has several product detail and listing policies to ensure customers have a consistent buying experience and receive items in the condition they expect. Products listed in “new” condition are expected to arrive in brand new, unopened condition with no signs of damage or wear. If customers receive a product that does not match this description, it may lead them to perceive the item as being previously opened or used. "

Return reason: The item is damaged but the box or envelope is undamaged
Customer comments: Arrived wet

Totally beggars belief


I think this Amazon policy explains the perceived predicament of the customer. Prseumably, as a new cd, it was already in shrink wrap? If it wasn’t then the customer could perceive it to be used. I think Amazon are trying to negate any possibility of confusion here. It also mentions complaint(s) (plural). Has anybody else complained or is this just a one off? In any event, as I and anglozone have mentioned, for future reference, cover yourself by sending in waterproof packaging of some sort.


amazon scans messages and returns automatically so the bot has put 1 and 1 together and reached 11 as a real human would have of course gone “oh it’s the weather and the seller has already offered a remedy” there as the bot unfortunately can not apply common sense. :frowning:

I had a listing banned for 5 months because a customer complained that their cat did not like the catnip toy. Well it’s a cat and not all cat like all toys… a bit like buying things for kids never to be looked at! Not a quality fault but the amazon bot banned it for not genuine product. :smiley:


You know in Amazon you are responsive for the weather.


Either way - Amazon will always side with the Customer (Buyer)… They rarely see a Seller as one of their “customers”.

You have to accept the situation and deal with it accordingly, to get the listing reinstated…

If its a “Product Condition Complaint” I think you should have the option in Seller Performance to check your listing and make it live again without too much fuss - if its your first ever complaint ?


That is weird. It rained inside the box??
The root cause is a leaking box ?? :slight_smile:


Was the CD by Wet Wet Wet?!:rofl:


Shrinkwrap doesn’t always protect against water damage, as I found when I bought some flood-damaged CDs once…!

The root of this problem, it seems to me, is Amazon’s inflexible customer complaints procedure.

When a buyer feels let down and is forced to open a return request, they are likely to choose a reason that doesn’t tally exactly with the facts.
‘Defective Product’ will get the bot’s alarm bells ringing and what should be a minor problem that’s easily fixed becomes a major headache for the seller.

I believe the comments from the buyer where the actual reason might be revealed are overlooked and the system sees only the headline


This was why I asked the question because of Amazon mentioning the perception of an item not being new. In shrink wrap, it usually is. As for the waterproofing, I received a new vinyl album from Amazon FBA, which was shrink wrapped but the outer box was wet…and so was the album. The shrink wrap wasn’t airtight.


It seldom is!

I try to waterproof everything I send and I also try to avoid posting during bad storms, but there is no way of guaranteeing goods will not arrive damaged.

New CDs and DVDs are always a bit tricky, especially box sets. Rough handling by the postal system is very likely to knock a few discs off the spindles.
You can largely avert this by unsealing them and putting some foam protection in place, but this means you can no longer list them as ‘new’.
Catch 22.


I think that is the key. If you send it waterproofed and it still ends up wet then there’s not a lot else you can do. Unfortunately (as far as I can ascertain), the OP didn’t send it waterproof packaging so was totally overlooked as far as Amazon is concerned.


You could always do what Amazon do sometimes and just put a courier sticker on the retail packaging!


Waterproof courier stickers I hope !!


But they stated that the item was not damaged and that it was just wet. Plastic gets wet too.
I have switched from using plastic mail bags , to bubble lined brown paper envelopes, because of customer compalints, what if that arrives wet
What really needs to happen, is that customers grow a brain. The packet get thrown in the bin. Customer also try it on to get the price reduced, so stop encouraging them!