I registered to sell Amazon took £30 without my permission


I was immediately told i could not sell on amazon (never been told why) i asked for the 30 pounds to be refunded as i originally wanted to be a individual seller not a pro seller as i am a private individual.I now want the 30 pounds to be refunded they said i had to put bank details up on the account as they cannot refund the card.I have emails saying the refund has been authorised but ITS STILL NOT BEEN DONE IN WELL OVER A MONTH please help me to get this sorted once and for all.
I ask about the refund and i get told your not allowed to sell on amazon,ok but i have not sold anything and i was a seller for a total of 2 minutes please refund my money or i will seek legal advice.


1st Question.
Have you downgraded your account from the default Pro account you signed up to, to the Individual account?
If not do so immediately or you will be charged again for next month.
And do not rely on anything SS said in this regard, go check and downgrade if necessary.

2nd Question.
Did you input your bank details as requested?
Without a valid card and verified bank details then no, you will not get your refund.


Hi adrian i intended to be individual from the start i couldnt change the default pro option 5 mins after i changed it but they had already took 30 pounds.I uploaded.the bank details straight away but still no refund.


Have you opened a case in seller central, explained what happened and requested a refund?
They won’t just refund you, you need to ask via a case…
[Use the “Contact us” button at the foot of seller central to open a case]


Yeah got around 10 contact us cases all ignored or responded with automated irrelavant answer.


Looking on here there are people with much bigger problems than my 30 pounds it does not make me feel as bad.


Do you mind sharing what you wrote in your case, since a rejection or irrelevant answer is unusual for a simple reimbursement of the Pro fee in these types of cases [which are all too common]


I have some screenshots of the appeals and messages I sent and the payments account.
They took £30 and deactivated my account seconds after they took th emoney so I have not sold a single bean.
I immediately downgraded the account to individual as it was set up as pro in error.
I have updated my bank details online but STILL not had the refund looking at the account statement they have took the money.Who can I contact or email with this info?


When you opened the cases requesting a refund, did you mention that YOU opened a Pro account in error [which you obviously did, although to be fair the link to an Individual account, whilst present, is not exactly prominent] or did you accuse Amazon of opening a Pro account in error when you wanted the Individual one?

Only asking because it may have made the difference.
If you were apologetic for what was your own error then I have never heard of Amazon refusing to refund, but if you were confrontational then it might simply have rubbed the reps up the wrong way…


TBH i’m having the same issue i told them and they said they’ll refund me its now been over a month and yet no refund it has been over two weeks since it got passed onto specialists to deal with still no update on the case or the refund. its a absolute joke, especially when there’s no direct way of contacting them other chat the chat box where you explain your issue and wait for a reply.


Has the refund been made to your seller account and not yet been disbursed to your bank account? or have they not refunded yet at all?