I want to use Germany address on my amazon.de am I eligible to pay VAT?


I want to use Germany address on my amazon.de am I eligible to pay VAT even if I ship from UK?


If your a UK resident storing goods in Germany you need to be vat registered first yes


Thank you for your reply. I store my goods in the UK but wish to use a Germany address as my shipping and return address. Is it safe to do that?


If your shipping fromthe UK then there is no reason other than tax avoidance to use a German address for that.
The return address is fine.


Okay thank you very much @Neil The only reason I want to use the German address as shipper address and return is 1. To build trust with the German customers so they don’t worry that their order will get held up at customs and 2. To reduce delivery time and order return time.


I can understand you wanting German/EU customers to see quicker estimated delivery dates.
But unless you are genuinely shipping from Germany this is not allowed.

  1. Provide confirmation of your actual ship-from address when confirming shipment

Where you ship goods to the customer directly, you will be required to provide the actual Ship-from address when you confirm shipment through the Confirm Shipment page on Seller Central, Shipping Confirmation Template, or Order APIs. In case you use Orders API to confirm shipment, you will need to update your system to provide and view Ship-from address through the API. Visit the help pages for more details.


not sure how that is going to work unless you are drop shipping within Germany/EU. By having a German address as ship to, it will open up the possibility of German VAT since you stated the stock is stored there prior to shipment.


As others have said.
If you are shipping from the UK, it is against the rules to give a different address.
Frankly, if you do what your saying, you will actually be losing trust with customers as the shipment will take longer than expected to get there. Especially if there is customs issues…

So I will say it again, the only real reason for giving a different address is some sort of tax avoidance.
You need to be upfront with your customers and not lie to them.

And I really can’t see how it will reduce delivery time, unless you are storing stock in Germany.
If so, then you need to register for VAT in Germany.