Identifying prime members from orders so I know if I have to buy Amazon shipping or not


Trying to work out from my orders which ones are prime customers I need to buy the shipping for through Amazon shipping, and which are none primecustomers that I can buy my shipping outside of Amazon. There is a “Refine orders” option and I can refine by “Premium” or “Prime”. I am right in assuming that the “Premium” orders will be non-prime customers and I can buy shipping outside of Amazon?


I don’t do this very often any more, but from memory, prime orders and premium, though not the same thing, do come up in both sections.
The prime order however, should have a prime badge on it.
I think the above happens, because not all prime orders are next day, so are in effect premium as well.


Thanks. All the orders are coming in with the prime logo on them, but not every customer can possibly be a prime member. I think it is deliberately confusing so we buy shipping through Amazon even when we dont need to.


If the order has a Prime logo then you must buy shipping from Amazon for I think 98% of those orders (dont quote me on the exact percentage but it is round about that).

However, I have just started a similar topic on another thread.
The Prime logo just shows that the item was in SFP - there does not seem to be any difference if the buyer was a Prime member or not.
So, in effect, non-Prime buyers seem to be able to get the benefits of Prime membership on SFP items.
When you select a shipping template for your SFP items you have to offer free UK postage on Standard, Two Day and One Day items. There is no option to add in a postage cost for non Prime members.
I therefore assumed that if the order comes in marked as ‘Second Day’ it was from a non-Prime member. If it comes in marked as ‘One Day’ it was a Prime member. But when I goto buy shipping on my SFP items I cannot select Royal Mail 48 only Royal Mail 24. Therefore anyone buying an item in SFP gets the benefits of free next day delivery whether they are a Prime member or not.


It does feel all wrong in that respect re non-prime members. What is your other thread that you have on the topic? Thanks.


I started a topic ‘Questions on Prime and SFP Postage Charges’ earlier today - but no one has replied yet


The system used to automatically assign either Royal Mail 24 or 48 which I presume was partly to do with Prime and Non Prime members (also cut off times etc). Now everything comes up as Tracked 24.

Presumably, if your items are SFP, you’ve costed them to be sent as Tracked 24? I’ve personally found that its easier, less likely to cause to affect metrics and generally better for customers to just bite the bullet and send everything Tracked 24. Might cost a bit more but reduces stress levels which is paramount when selling on Amazon :joy: