Identity Information, I dont have a passport!


Amazon ,after 12 years+ of selling on here, now decide they need my passport number to identify me by. Funny thing here is, Not everyone has a passport, me included.
Therefore I cant complete the required form.
How arrogant to assume that everyone has a passport, why not use the National Insurance number, or ( even though some seller also wont drive ) a Driving license.
I would seem Amazon’s exec’s think we are all globe trotting travellers, which we are not.


Hi they accepted my license at first via email as my passport had ran out, but when I wanted to apply for americas on my account I had to renew my passport


I find it really arrogant of Amazon to expect people to have Passports. We all have NI numbers in the UK, why not use them. They also have our business account details, phone numbers, Postal Addresses ect.
Seems very bizarre to me. Also you would think when these policies are put forward some one in the meeting would say " What if … " , maybe they don’t live in the same world that we do?
I only sell in the UK.


Amazon accepted my driving license. I doubt if they’ll accept a National Insurance ID as that doesn’t come with a photo and could be anyone’s.


Hi Blue_Eyed_Boy,

Yes, a few points here also, not everyone will have a Driving License either, and the one I own, does not have a picture, its a paper one. Also, as me and any representative from Amazon are unlikely to meet in person, a picture would surely not prove anything.
I think this is why they need real people at these policy meetings, I will take 1% of Amazon’s earnings as a wage if they want some help.


1% …now that’s just being greedy! :rofl:
Unfortunately Amazon do insist on some form of photo ID… passport, driving licence, National identity card.
If this really is causing a problem for you, you will have to email the seller verification team here for further guidance.

Good luck


If you’re in the UK I though paper driving licenses were no longer valid?


Paper one is still fine, they tried to force people into paying for a picture one, but in the end they had to yield to public pressure. Of course all new ones are photo based. I could send my picture separately if it helps, but unless they are going to use face recognition to login, this would be pointless as a security measure.


You are correct

Paper driving licences issued before 31 March 2000 are still valid . Do not destroy your licence . When you update your name or address, or renew your licence , you’ll only get a photocard licence .


Yes been in the same address for 25 years, so hasn’t needed updating. If Amazon don’t think I am who I say I am, maybe they will stop charging me 20%+ in sales fess LOL ?


Funny you should say that as Amazon already have their “rekognition” programme.


Yes and face recognition really works well …NOT. My 1 year old grandson can open my daughters I-phone using his face …lol


I quite agree.

They are collecting this information under ‘Know your customer’ regulations. According to those regulations they are required to ask for a photo ID, however it can be ANY form of government issued ID, not just a passport.

I think Amazon are deliberately going OTT and asking for a passport because the new passports have a digitised image of your face which can be read by facial recognition technology.

As Tracy says, Amazon are already heavily into facial recognition and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s not being used in their ‘Ring’ doorbells and security cameras. Amazon have also developed a rather cosy relationship with the police in regard to this tech which they are being very secretive about. It’s quite troubling really.

I’ve been asked for a passport too, but before I upload anything I’ve asked them to answer a few questions about how this data will be used. So far I’ve been given the runaround, despite the fact I’ve written to the MD FOUR times. What’s worrying is that even they don’t seem to have a clue who at Amazon is responsible for data protection matters.

Since they failed to answer my questions within 30 days they have now violated GDPR and I have raised a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office. This is now the second time they have violated my data rights within two years.

It seems Amazon are busting gut to comply with laws which allow them to collect our data, but when it comes to complying with laws which protect our data they couldn’t give a monkeys.

We should all be worried, our data isn’t safe with them.


I assume this means that you withheld the identification they requested pending the outcome of your enquiries/complaint.


Hi, I opened a case and this was support’s reply :-

"Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand you would like to complete your account verification.

I would like to inform you that if you do not have a UK passport, then you can upload any one of the following documents:

National Identity Card
Driver’s License (UK Citizens only)
Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement addressed to the individual and dated from the past 90 days"

Any one of these is OK. Hope that helps!



I have just gone through my second verification and had no problem with a driving license which I had used on the first one when verification started all those years ago. Oops sorry just read that you don’t have a photo driving license, that will cause a problem as it must be photo id


Hi All,

I am sure they will ask for other documentation, the issue is that this is not an option on completing the online form, they simply ask for a Passport, not any other form of ID. If other documentation was listed, I could get this completed and this would not be an issue. I have emailed them for a resolution, but I find that this is an issue that could have been avoided if someone from the real world made the form out.


Hi All,
Just received this, typical C&P response, asking for items I already declared I don’t have, but it’s a start:

Dear Seller,

We are contacting you as we need some additional documents to continue with your account verification.

Identity verification documents:

Please provide a document meeting the below criteria and ensure the information matches the information in your Seller Central account.

– The document must be a copy of a government issued ID document with a photo, such as a passport, national identity card or residence permit.
– The document must be in date.
– The document must contain full name, date of birth, place of birth, and country of citizenship.
– The document must contain an ID number and the expiration date.

For the primary contact person/beneficial owner

– A copy of the photo and information page of a valid passport or residence permit, a UK driving license.

We do not accept screenshots.

To continue with your account verification, follow the below instructions to provide the requested document.

  1. Go to the “Identity information” section of Seller Central.
  2. Follow the prompts to upload the required document.
  3. Click “Submit for verification”.

Once we have received the required document(s), we will continue with your verification.


And of course, guess what, that’s right it still asks for my Passport number , which of course I don’t have, so I can’t complete the form …LOL, efficient as ever!


I emailed them a current Royal Mail OBA invoice, and a cope of my driving license, they have asked for my birth certificate ( now sent ) and a photo ID. They don’t seem to understand that I don’t have any photo id. Unless they have my face on record, that would be pointless anyways as a security check.
Why is this so difficult. All the other platforms we sell on don’t cause this hassle, nothings changed since 2017, the last time we had all this hassle, the bank account they deposit into is the same, our address is the same, I am the same. I may send some DNA in, maybe that will work?