Identity information required. (Documents)


Hello good people,

I have few questions while I’ve been asked for information to provide…

Amazon asks me for Proof of Registration, Proof of address and Statutes (by-laws/articles of association). “Submitted Statutes should contain Articles of Association and a share allotment document (statement of Capital/ Annual return/ share register).”

The documents should contain Articles of Association and one of a share allotments documents? (If the printed and scanned version is needed; signature or a stamp?)

I know some sellers were not approved by amazon even they had the required documents.

How these documents should be submitted to be approved?

Thank you a lot.


These are required documents if you are a limited company. If you are a limited company you will have received these when you opened the company. Scan or if digital copy them and save as a pdf which tou can then provide to Amazon.


I would advise you to review this Amazon help page which includes answers to all frequently asked questions regarding Seller Account verification:


Hello again! I spent almost a week while looking for information, but it’s all general and I suppose I was doing it all right. Still, not yet fully approved…

I’ve been asked to provide few documents about my business, so I scanned the documents and provided to amazon. The requirement included proof of registration, which was dismissed, but I re-uploaded the .pdf version and it was submitted… So now they asked me again to provide Statutes (by-laws/articles of association) which was also scanned and uploaded. This document looks like general one and only the last page has a name of my company.

So now I’m not sure if I should print these statutes, sign the paper and scan it again or just sent them a .pdf version, because the scanned document didn’t worked?

Can’t wait to be approved… Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you a lot.


If a scanned version didn’t work then simply take a picture using a high resolution phone and upload it like this. However, you will need to compress it’s size so that the attachment is less than 2 MB.


The issue is that Amazon tells me that:
"Business name on submitted Statutes should be ‘MickyWorkouts LTD
So maybe this ‘Memorandum of Association of MickyWorkouts LTD’ should be in the first page?
All the rest of the document pages are default and says nothing about my company specifically.

The scanned version PDF I sent is high resolution and if I just want to take a photo of the document it will not fit in one picture.

I believe that not every page of the document is required.

Otherwise, I could provide the digital version of the document.

Thank you for your help!


Yes, I think so. You don’t need to submit every page of the document.