Identity verification for US Incorprated Company with UK Business Registered Address


Hi guys, going round in circles with account verification.

I am the Primary contact and legal rep for a US LLC owned by a C-Corp – I have verified .com (Prof Account with Active Regfistered Brand) and .jp accounts but have been struggling for 6+ months to get verified on .uk. Due to time it has taken to try and get verified account was deactivated with status of Invalid.
For the UK account we have US and UK bank account verified – US tax is validated - Primary Contact Passport verified.
Although incorporated in US we are operating from the UK which I believe is not unusal). Our UK trading address in the UK is the address in the Business address in seller central (Not US Address) – this is locked due to being in verification.

Our identity on is not being verified due to information mis-match, we however don’t understand the nature of the mismatch and thus allowing us to take the appropriate corrective action if required as we get no feedback asnd seller performance say they can’t communicate with the verification team.

We have submitted utility and credit card statements which match the business address and Primary Contact Name (myself UK Citizen) in seller central perfectly and have check listed all requirements e.g. file types, special characters.

In our appeal we have explained the situation but without any feedback this is stressful. We have added Certificate of Good Standing and US Sales Tax Licence which has both addresses on it. (We also explained why we changed uk account is individual until verification completed incase this impact Credit Card verification).

We are trying to confirm if there is a problem with having the addresses different as outlined above or if there are additional document requirements for the scenario - we never had a formal performance notification of documents required only a response from Account Health stating need for valid credit card on file and utility bill

Really appreciate any quidance as we will not launch our brand on any amazon marketplace without verified UK account.