Image guidelines being violated, no recourse


Hi there,

Over a year ago some of my listings were suppressed because the main image background was not white. I changed this and they were reinstated.

I have noticed that there are a lot of other sellers in my category not using white backgrounds. I contacted seller support a while ago and was told that I should report these listings.

I have reported some of the listings to see what would happen. However nothing has been done, its been a few weeks.

Does this mean I do not need to use white backgrounds for my main images any more? It makes no sense to me why this is only being enforced for certain sellers.

This is copy and pasted from the image guidelines for this category:
Show the main product image against a white background
The main image should show the main product only, not accessories or other items in the box
Clear images of main item only
On white background

The other sellers are not following these guidelines.