Image in Amazon catalogue doesn't match the description


This issue has come about because the image in the Amazon product catalogue doesn’t match the description. The item that was sent to the customer was indeed the OKI Laser Toner Cartridge with original equipment reference 41304211, but the image shown is not that of the toner cartridge but of a different component - the image roller. In essence, Amazon needs to remove that image from its catalogue.

When I listed the item for sale all I did was scan the barcode and state I had one for sale. The image provided wasn’t mine and neither was the description although the description was correct, which is what I checked.

I have communicated with the customer and effected a full refund without the need for the item to be returned. And, we both understand how this mixup came about.

I have acted in good faith and I don’t understand why I should be penalised as a seller for something that isn’t essentially my fault. I appreciate that this has resulted in a negative strike against my record as evidenced by the threat of removal of my selling rights should this situation arise again (it’s all threats with Amazon). Is there a way of removing this negative strike from my record? I have already contacted Amazon but I’m not holding my breath.

I have always believed in paying for my mistakes but it leaves a bad taste to receive a threat from Amazon when it was Amazon that created the situation. I don’t seek any recompense from anyone but I don’t want to be threatened the Amazon stick either.

Has anyone had this experience before?


Amazon leave it up to sellers to make sure item listing and picture are right.
You checked one not both.


With pleasure!

The ASIN is B000092QTF


The images shown for the other toners is correct, just not the one in question. The negative for First Photo seems to be because they sold a compatible toner and not original equipment.


My view is that if Amazon run a catalogue with stock images then Amazon needs to take responsibility for those images. The shrugging of shoulders doesn’t work for anyone.

Furthermore, although my listing has been deleted (I only had one them for sale anyway and the customer kept it) the problem remains because that particular ASIN still has the wrong image and if Amazon allow that situation to continue then the problem will arise again with other customers receiving the wrong item and sellers getting the stick.

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Is it listing that item? Sellers listing the item?


Can you supply the ASIN for perusal? Could be some other buyer has incorrectly amended the listing.


If you check recent feedback for First Photo there might be a link between their neg and the wrong photo. I noticed one of the three colours available appear to show the correct photo for the item listing?


Listing an item under an existing ASIN - established (correct) product description and existing (incorrect) catalogue image


Yes - just sellers involved? Not amazon creating listing?
If when listing you find an incorrect image thats when its a good idea to get it changed or new listing created.

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