Impact of UK Changes to Advertising / Promoting HSHF (High Sugar High Fat) Ccontent Foods


I am looking for clarity on Amazon’s advertising policy on selling/advertising/promoting HSHF food and drink on Amazon in the UK from 2nd October 2022.

The UK government policy updates are not clear for online marketplaces so I am keen for some clarity from Amazon on whether there will be significant changes to how we can use amazon ads for these products.

I couldn’t find any other topics on this despite there being a lot of products falling into this category on Amazon.

Any help and especially input from Amazon would be greatly appreciated.

The government legislation updates are here:

The key parts of the legislation is the combination of these two statements:

The consultation proposed that checkout areas, ends of aisles and store entrances should be in scope of the restrictions.

The price and location restrictions will also apply to online retailers (including retailers that sell food and drink in stores as well as online for example Tesco, Sainsbury’s and the other major retailers, and retailers that only operate online for example Ocado, Amazon).

The location promotion restrictions will apply to the online locations outlined below. We will be testing these definitions further in the enforcement consultation to ensure they are fit for purpose ahead of implementation:

* the entry page of the website or grocery page
* where the customer views their basket or proceeds to make a payment
* HFSS products appearing when customers are browsing other product categories; products highlighted on pages related to other product categories

NEW REGULATIONS Regulations of foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)

Hi , I am interested too, to find out more of what is it going to happen …


Hi ezilis,

The help page below states that promotions for HFSS will be banned from October 2023. (scroll down to the bottom.)

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